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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1125 playlist up with 48052 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-09-16Волчий Иl03 Забытая память прошлого (Forgotten Memory of the Past)Ремиссия духа (Spirit Remission)
2. 2019-09-02PunchTrack 112007 Demo
3. 2019-09-02Dikasterion02 Rome 897Stavelot 1597 / Rome 897Amor Fati Productions
4. 2019-09-02Nupta Cadavera01 Metaphysical CrueltyNupta Cadavera 7" EPNuclear War Now! Productions
5. 2019-09-02Nex Carnis02 The Fathomless Caverns Of OblivioBlack Eternity 7" EPBlood Harvest Records
6. 2019-08-26PartholónAll We ArePartholón / Soothsayer Split 7" - Limited Edition
7. 2019-08-26Possession (Belgium)A. AnnelieseAnneliese 7" EP
8. 2019-08-05Evil (Japan)02 降魔印 Welcome to SatanSplit 7" EP/TAPE-Evil (Japan)/Siege ColumnNuclear War Now! Productions
9. 2019-08-05Cult Of Fire४. काली मां (4) Kali Maमृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्यIron Bonehead Productions
10. 2019-07-29Bombs of HadesSlaughter the DeadCarnivores 7" EPBlood Harvest
11. 2019-07-22HorrifyingEuphoric ExistenceEuphoric Existence 7" EPBlood Harvest
12. 2019-07-22Ghoulgotha1. Prophetic Oration of SelfProphetic Oration of Self 7" EPBlood Harvest
13. 2019-07-22IstengoatShiqus ShoMMXII 7" EPBlood Harvest
14. 2019-07-15Ascended Dead2. Emanation From BelowArcane Malevolence 7" EPBlood Harvest
15. 2019-07-08Have HeartNo Roses, No Skies10.17.09
16. 2019-07-08NunslaughterA2 RAID THE CONVENTAntichrist 7"Helldprod Records
17. 2019-06-24Henosis (Chile)02 The Red KeyApotheosis Pulsio CLVI double-7" EPBlood Harvest Records
18. 2019-06-24NecrovenDescent Into The Cryptic ChasmDescent Into The Cryptic Chasm 7" EPBlood Harvest
19. 2019-04-29RWAKEIt Was Beautiful But Now It's SourRest (radio promo - ADDS Sept. 27)Relapse Records
20. 2019-04-22Temple of Sorrow04 A tribute to KrytenIntergalaxial Brutes -2007
21. 2019-04-01Thou Art LordSociety of the DiletantiGrimoier Compilation 7Metal Age Productions
22. 2019-03-04Have HeartWatch Me Rise10.17.09
23. 2019-02-18ZozobraBird of PreyChampions of Sound 2008 7" Compilation
24. 2019-02-11BEWITCHERSide A - Too Fast For The FlamesToo Fast for the Flames 7" EPShadow Kingdom Records
25. 2019-02-11NecrófagoScreams Of Pain - track 2/3Desire For Blood ( 1987 )
26. 2019-02-04AbythosOmnimalevolentKillzome Records Release Sampler 2006/2007
27. 2019-01-14ECTOVOIDArchaic Memories UnearthedInner Death 7"EP/TapeBlood Harvest Records
28. 2019-01-07KRUKHБесмысленностьБезглуздість!I, Voidhanger Records
29. 2018-12-31Mysthicalabstract dimensiondusk of the myth 7 ep 1993
30. 2018-12-24Bastard SwineMouth of HellKnife Hits Split 7"
31. 2018-11-19SKELETHALThe Spectral ParadeHeirs of Hideous Secrecies - split 7" EPHells Headbangers Records
32. 2018-11-12SadusFight Or DieIllusions (Chemical Exposure) [2007 Reissue]
33. 2018-11-12Satan DecapitatedThe Return of CHRISTApocalyptic Chaos (2017)
34. 2018-11-12Sore ThroatDissapearing MarkDeath to capitalist hardcore 7
35. 2018-10-22SAGE04 Dragon HeartAnno Domini 1573Rockshots Records
36. 2018-10-22Waking the CadaverBlood Splattered SatisfactionPerverse Recollections of a Necromangler (2007)
37. 2018-08-06as the sun setsi saw the saturday sky over i-95 explode7744
38. 2018-07-30Wrecking CrewGuts and Glory1987-1991Bridge Nine Records
39. 2018-07-16Yog Sothots07. Slasher NoiseDemo 87
40. 2018-07-02INTESTINAL DISEASEX-Mas GoozeIntestinal Disease + Brutal Mutilation - Split 7'' EP '93
41. 2018-06-04Blut aus NordEpitome XV777 - Cosmosophy
42. 2018-05-21POUNDERLAST STANDFaster Than Fire 7"Shadow Kingdom Records
43. 2018-04-09B'zrkerIt Never BendsSelf Titled 7"
44. 2018-04-02MotörheadKeep Us On The RoadKeep Us On The Road-Live 1977
45. 2018-03-19Taphos04 Venomous TempestDemo MMXVI & 7" EP MMXVII CDBlood Harvest Records
46. 2018-02-19EmperorThe Ancient QueenAs The Shadows Rise (7'')
47. 2018-02-12ManowarThe Power Of Thy SwordThe Triumph Of Steel [Japan Amcy-474]
48. 2018-01-08Cult Of Fire4) Kali MaMr̥tyu kā tāpasī anudhyāna (Ascetic Meditation of Death)Iron Bonehead Productions
49. 2018-01-01PunchNothing LeftEyeless 7"
50. 2017-12-11CynicSuicideSuicide (7 inch)
51. 2017-12-11as the sun setsi've run over black cats that were luckier than me7744
52. 2017-10-02My Dying BrideThe Stance of Evander Sinoue34.788%...CompletePeaceville Records
53. 2017-08-28Judas PriestWild Nights, Hot & Crazy DaysMetal Works 73-93 (Disc 2)Sony Japan
54. 2017-08-14Dead Kennedys07-03-83 - ''Rock Against Reagan,'' Lincoln Monument, Washington DC, USA
55. 2017-07-10Wrecking CrewThousand Yard Stare1987-1991Bridge Nine Records
56. 2017-07-03Vehementer (Serbia)02 Age Of D.E.M.O.N.O.M.A.N.T.Replenishment Circle (The Black Spectumfest) 7" EP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
57. 2017-05-22Nuclear OathConfessionsToxic Playground (2017)Self-Released
58. 2017-05-08Ascended Dead3. Ensnared for EternityArcane Malevolence 7" EPBlood Harvest
59. 2017-05-08Arcane Malevolence 7" EP
60. 2017-03-20Cult Of Fire1. संहार रक्त कालीमृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्यIron Bonehead Productions
61. 2017-03-06Cult Of Fire3. शव साधनामृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्यIron Bonehead Productions
62. 2017-03-06SCUMRIPPER03 ScumripperScumripper (7" EP)Hells Headbangers Records
63. 2017-02-20PunchTime ApartHow Nothing Lasts 7"
64. 2017-01-23Wrecking CrewBalance of Terror1987-1991Bridge Nine Records
65. 2017-01-23Aima02 Pagan NecromancyBlood Chalices From the Impure - split 7" EPBlood Harvest Records
66. 2017-01-02Sore ThroatSacrilege to the sceneDeath to capitalist hardcore 7
67. 2016-11-21GHOULGOTHAChurning in VertebraesChurning in Vertebraes / Becoming Disease 7"EPBlood Harvest Records
68. 2016-11-21AbigailSatan Power Unholy WarToo Wild for the Crowd split 7"Eternal Death Records
69. 2016-11-21Alcoholic Rites/LustrumAlcoholic Rites - Alkoholic Metal ExplosionDrunk and in Charge split 7"Eternal Death Records
70. 2016-09-12Morbo/Bunker 6602 Cross TormentorInto the Morbid Bunker - split 7" EPDoomentia Records
71. 2016-09-05CloakThe HungerBoris Records7"Boris Records
72. 2016-08-22NUNSLAUGHTEROn the Icy Plains I Die (Gravewürm cover)Gravewürm / Nunslaughter split 7"Hells Headbangers Records
73. 2016-08-01GRAVEWURMCult of the Dying GodGravewürm / Nunslaughter split 7"Hells Headbangers Records
74. 2016-08-01as long as we're all living we're all dyingburn allston to the fucking groundst 7'
75. 2016-07-25NUNSLAUGHTERThe Red RamGravewürm / Nunslaughter split 7"Hells Headbangers Records
76. 2016-07-18Carcass GrinderHe's Burningsplit 7''ep w/birdflesh
77. 2016-07-18NUNSLAUGHTER02 PhantomThe Supreme Beast (Picture 7")Hells Headbangers Records
78. 2016-07-18Nox02 Atravesando El UmbralAncestral Arte Negro 7" EPForever Plagued Records
79. 2016-07-11CloakIn the Darkness, the PathBoris Records7"Boris Records
80. 2016-07-04Ascended Dead4. Blood ConsecrationArcane Malevolence 7" EPBlood Harvest
81. 2016-07-04ABIGAIL03 Black MoldBloody Your Lovely Pussy! (Split 7" EP)Hells Headbangers Records
82. 2016-05-30ObliveonFrosted AvowalsNemesis (Remastered - 2007)
83. 2016-05-16Energumen2. Invisible Spears of AbominationVoid Spiritualism 7" EPBlood Harvest
84. 2016-05-02MALEFICENCEOf Mortification and BeyondRealms of Mortification 7"EPBlood Harvest Records
85. 2016-04-04RangerShock SkullShock Skull 7"Ektro Records
86. 2016-03-14SAKATATSakatat - Filthchain (Sore Throat Cover)split 7''ep w/dispepsiaa!
87. 2016-03-14Sore ThroatWar systemDeath to capitalist hardcore 7
88. 2016-03-14Goatlord07 The FogDemo '87 / Reh. '88 DLPNuclear War Now! Productions
89. 2016-02-22MartyrvorePentagram Gateway7" CompilationNecromancer Records
90. 2016-02-08Xibalba ItzaesDawn of Endless HorrorsAh Tza! 7" EPNuclear War Now! Productions
91. 2016-02-08Sore ThroatPesticide DeathDeath to capitalist hardcore 7
92. 2016-02-01OnwardWitches Winter EternalIdentity 7Century Media
93. 2016-01-25CromFuneral PyreThe Cocaine Wars 1974-1989Pessimiser Records
94. 2016-01-04Pregierz02 Shallow GraveBlood Sanctions double-7" EPBlood Harvest Records
95. 2015-12-21NUNSLAUGHTERDeathlehemChristmassascre (7" picture disc)Hells Headbangers Records
96. 2015-12-07Gotham CityKiller AngelsGotham City / Killer Angels 7"Ripped by Strappado
97. 2015-11-09Sore ThroatSatan's RadishDeath to capitalist hardcore 7
98. 2015-10-12Judas PriestElectric EyeMetal Works 1973-1993Columbia
99. 2015-09-21The Wolves Of AvalonCarrion Crows RepriseDie Hard 7"eternal_death
100. 2015-09-14The Wolves Of AvalonDie Hard (Venom)Die Hard 7"eternal_death
101. 2015-08-17Cult Of Fire6. मृत्यु का वीभत्स नृत्य (Macabre dance of death)मृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्यiron_bonehead
102. 2015-07-27CatalepsyObituary Feardemo 87
103. 2015-06-01GoatlordUnholy Black SlutDemo 87nuclear_war_now
104. 2015-03-30CoffinsGrotesque MessiahCoffins + Macabra In Quarantine With Death Split 7-Inch RecordPain Gore Death Productions
105. 2015-03-30Cult Of Fire5. मृत्यु ही सत्य हैमृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्यiron_bonehead
106. 2015-03-30Mince MeatFeeble Attempt At Reality2007 promoself-released
107. 2015-02-09Cult Of Fire3. शव साधनामृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्यiron_bonehead
108. 2015-02-02MasqueradeEnd Of NothingFoundations Volume 17 (Ozzy Osbourne)
109. 2015-01-05Cult Of Fire7. खण्ड मण्ड योगमृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्यiron_bonehead
110. 2014-12-29CandiriaWithout WaterIdentity 7: Deadly Sinscenturymedia
111. 2014-12-22The Acacia StrainSmoke Ya Later3750prosthetic
112. 2014-11-17Cult Of Fire2मृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्यiron_bonehead
113. 2014-11-03Fuming MouthVault Of The Sunsplit 7-inch Fuming Mouth-Gatlin
114. 2014-10-20The Black MassBlack Candles7" epssvart
115. 2014-10-20MotorheadWhite Live FeverKeep Us On The Road - Live 1997
116. 2014-10-13Fuming MouthCeremonital Deathsplit 7-inch Fuming Mouth-Gatlin
117. 2014-09-29GhoulgothaDisintegration ParadoxProphetic Oration Of Self 7-inchBlood Harvest
118. 2014-09-22Black SabbathDie YoungUnder Wheels of Confusion 1970-1987 (Disc 2)
119. 2014-09-15Bird FleshMisery Of The Defencelesssplit 7-inch with carcass grinderpouwer it up
120. 2014-08-18Black SabbathSymptoms Of The UniverseUnder Wheels of Confusion 1970-1987 (Disc 2)
121. 2014-08-18SheolPhosphagous AmorpheonSplit 7"iron_bonehead
122. 2014-07-21As the Sun SetsFeed The Scenesters To The Lions7744
123. 2014-06-30PentagramLast Days HereFirst Daze Here 1972-76relapse
124. 2014-06-16Cult Of Fire४. काली मां (4)मृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्यiron_bonehead
125. 2014-06-16The MisfitsNight Of The Living DeadBeware - The Complete Singles '77-'82
126. 2014-05-26The Auburn Systemold man on the mountainDemo-Son Of The 7th
127. 2014-03-31Sore ThroatBomb The WhitehouseDeath to capitalist hardcore 7
128. 2014-03-24Cult Of Fire१.संहार रक्त कालीमृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्यiron_bonehead
129. 2014-03-10Ceremonical (Chile)TribulationsArs Magika 7-inchBlood Harvest
130. 2014-02-24Iron Hand122 Hours Of Fear (Screamers)Liquid Assets 7-inchsafety_meeting
131. 2014-02-24Ceremonical (Chile)A.-.R.-.C.-.Ars Magika 7-inchBlood Harvest
132. 2014-02-17Cult Of Fire४. काली मांमृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्यiron_bonehead
133. 2014-02-10Cult Of Fire१.संहार रक्त कालीमृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्यiron_bonehead
134. 2014-01-27Cult Of Fire४. काली मांमृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्यiron_bonehead
135. 2014-01-06MartyrvoreHymns To Unholy Blasphemy7" Compilationnecromancer
136. 2013-12-23Jigsore PuzzleSnow Means Snowsplit 7" with exit wound
137. 2013-12-16Insect WarfareCity Of EnemiesSplit 7" - Insect Warfare/Carcass GRinder
138. 2013-12-16Unholy GraveEndless StruggleSplit 7" Unholy Grave/Warsore
139. 2013-11-25DrudkhFurrows Of GodsКров у Наших Криницях (Blood in Our Wells)
140. 2013-09-16Sore ThroatBomb The WhitehouseDeath to capitalist hardcore 7
141. 2013-08-19CerceDamaged GoodsSplit 7"
142. 2013-08-12Sore ThroatEnvironmental SuicideDeath to capitalist hardcore 7
143. 2013-07-15Bare Your TeethDeadweight7"
144. 2013-05-20KyotyTaking Red Blood For Granted7" SpliHydrogen Man
145. 2013-04-29KyotyTaking Red Blood For Granted7" splitHydrogen Man
146. 2013-03-25ChainsJoin The SabbathDancing With My Demons 7"hells_headbangers
147. 2013-03-11KyotyTaking Red Blood For Granted7" splitHydrogen Man
148. 2013-02-25Black SabbathSabbath Bloody SabbathUnder Wheels of Confusion 1970-1987 (Disc 2)
149. 2013-02-25HostOn Drowning7" splitHydrogen Man
150. 2013-02-25KyotyTaking Red Blood For Granted7" splitHydrogen Man
151. 2012-11-05Die my willigneous7" splitdrawn_and_quartered
152. 2012-10-29Mince MeatPivo Grinder2007 promoself-released
153. 2012-10-22CoffinsGrotesque MessiahCoffins + Macabra In Quarantine With Death Split 7-Inch RecordPain Gore Death Productions
154. 2012-09-03The Orange Man TheoryRidding A Cannibal Horse From Here To Clinton, MAVarious Artist - Supernova Records 2007supernova
155. 2012-07-30Mince MeatPivo Grinder2007 promoself-released
156. 2012-07-23Rampant DecayKing Of The TrashRampant Decay/Kruds Split 7"PATAC
157. 2012-07-09KalmahFor The RevolutionVarious Artists - Terrorizer - Fear Candy 57
158. 2012-07-02Black SabbathInto The VoidUnder Wheels of Confusion 1970-1987 (Disc 2)warner_bros
159. 2012-03-05Sore ThroatProcess Of EliminationDeath to capitalist hardcore 7
160. 2012-02-27MartyrvorePentagram Gateway7" Compilation
161. 2012-01-09Heaven and HellDie Youngradio city music hall live 2007rhino
162. 2012-01-02Cyness3.10Cyness/Ohuzaru splt 7"thought_crime
163. 2011-12-26Cyness200000 LoserCyness/Ohuzaru splt 7"thought_crime
164. 2011-12-19MartyrvoreDeathhammer7" Compilation
165. 2011-12-12Rampant DecayPolitical LemmingsRampant Decay/Kruds Split 7"PATAC
166. 2011-10-31PhantasmaThe Four Demons [edit]Various Artists - Grimoire #7 Compliation: Opening The Gates Of Chaosmetal_age
167. 2011-10-10The Carrier51No Love Can Save Me 7-inchdeathwishinc
168. 2011-10-03Rampant DecayKing Of The TrashRampant Decay/Kruds Split 7"PATAC
169. 2011-09-26Rampant DecayPolitical LemmingsRampant Decay/Kruds Split 7"PATAC
170. 2011-09-12Dead KennedysBleed For MeBleed For Me 7"alternative_tentacle
171. 2011-01-24Heaven and HellChildren Of The Searadio city music hall live 2007rhino
172. 2011-01-17HelloweenAre You Metal?7 Sinnersspv
173. 2010-12-27HelloweenWorld Of Fantasy7 Sinnersspv
174. 2010-11-01KylesaUnknown Awareness7-inchhyperrealist
175. 2010-10-04Heaven and HellLady Evilradio city music hall live 2007rhino
176. 2010-09-27The Acacia StrainBrown Noise3750prosthetic
177. 2010-09-20HerdsFull Wolf MoonHerds 7"deer_healer
178. 2010-09-20Heaven and HellDie Youngradio city music hall live 2007rhino
179. 2010-04-26Thou Art LordSociety Of DiletantiVarious Artists: Grimoire #7metal_age
180. 2010-03-22Ringwormmadness of warRingworm/Cold As Life 7"stillborn
181. 2010-03-22Ringworm/Cold As Life 7"
182. 2010-03-22FortydaysrainWhispers Of ApathyYear Of Our Lord/Fortydaysrain split 7"die
183. 2010-02-15Before the DawnHeaven4:17 AMlocomotive
184. 2010-02-15the CarrierEpilogue ForgivenessNo Love Can Save Me 7-inchdeathwishinc
185. 2009-11-30the Carrier51No Love Can Save Me 7-inchdeathwishinc
186. 2009-10-26cromFuneral PyreThe Cocaine Wars 1974-1989pessimiser
187. 2009-10-19HerdsFull Wolf MoonHerds 7"deer_healer
188. 2009-09-28HerdsVulturesHerds 7"deer_healer
189. 2009-09-14Before the DawnSeed4:17 AMlocomotive
190. 2009-08-03Embryonic CryptopathiaGangrene BizarreSplit 7"EC/Blue Holocaustself-released
191. 2009-07-27CromThunder DustThe Cocaine Wars 1974-1989pessimiser
192. 2009-07-13the Carrier51No Love Can Save Me 7-inchdeathwishinc
193. 2009-04-27ScissorfightHuman Head7"summit
194. 2009-04-27Die my willigneous7" splitdrawn_and_quartered
195. 2009-04-27fourty days rainbaptism7" splitdie
196. 2009-04-20The Acacia Strainsmoke ya later3750prosthetic
197. 2008-12-08It Will End in Pure HorrorWalking Dead7" splitobscenity_cult
198. 2008-12-08RingwormDollar WhoreRingworm/Cold As Life 7"stillborn
199. 2008-11-17Embryonic Cryptopathia#3Split 7"EC/Blue Holocaustself-released
200. 2008-11-10Wrecking CrewTied Down1987-1991bridge9
201. 2008-10-13RingwormDollar WhoreRingworm/Cold As Life 7"stillborn
202. 2008-09-15ArkangelSlow But HeavyFear Candy 57terrorizer
203. 2008-04-21Today is the DayBroken Promises and Dead DreamsSuper Nova sampler 2007supernova
204. 2008-03-31It Will End in Pure HorrorKnife and the Bullet7" splitobscenity_cult
205. 2008-03-31RingwormDollar WhoreRingworm/Cold As Life 7"stillborn
206. 2008-03-10Coathanger AbortionSo... This is Salvation?Demo 2007self-released
207. 2008-02-11It Will End in Pure HorrorWalking Dead7" splitobscenity_cult
208. 2008-01-21Coathanger AbortionSo... This is Salvation?Demo 2007self-released
209. 2007-12-24Tragedythe End FightCan We Call This Life 7"tragedy
210. 2007-12-24Ringwormmadness of warRingworm/Cold As Life 7"stillborn
211. 2007-11-19Heaven and Hellthe Mob Rulesradio city music hall live 2007rhino
212. 2007-10-29ChristineConquistadorSupernova Records 2007supernova
213. 2007-10-08ChristineConquistadorSupernova Records 2007supernova
214. 2007-10-01Today is the DayBroken Promises and Dead DreamsSuper Nova sampler 2007supernova
215. 2007-09-24ChristineConquistadorSupernova Records 2007supernova
216. 2007-08-20PristinaLady BaphometBoner Jams 07spare_change
217. 2007-08-13AbnormalityVisions2007 Demoself-released
218. 2007-08-06AbnormalityEpitomize the Weak2007 Demoself-released
219. 2007-07-30PristinaLilith's Severed HeadBoner Jams 07spare_change
220. 2007-07-23Lord BelialAncient SplendorRevolation: the 7th Sealregain
221. 2007-07-16Lord BelialAghastRevolation: the 7th Sealregain
222. 2007-07-09Lord BelialGateway to OblivionRevolation: the 7th Sealregain
223. 2007-07-02PristinaDay of DaysBoner Jams 07spare_change
224. 2007-07-02Mince Meat#32007 promoself-released
225. 2007-06-25Lord Belialvile interventionRevolation: the 7th Sealregain
226. 2007-06-18Pristinathe rat, the pig, the spiderBoner Jams 07spare_change
227. 2007-06-18Lord BelialDeath Cult EraRevolation: the 7th Sealregain
228. 2007-06-18Abnormality#32007 Demoself-released
229. 2007-06-11Pristinavicodine songBoner Jams 07spare_change
230. 2007-06-11Lord Belialdeath as solutionRevolation: the 7th Sealregain
231. 2007-06-04Lord BelialAghastRevolation: the 7th Sealregain
232. 2007-05-28Abnormality#42007 Demoself-released
233. 2007-05-21Abnormality#32007 Demoself-released
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