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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1127 playlist up with 48130 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-10-07Vultur03 High on AdrenochromeDrowned in Gangrenous BloodMemento Mori
2. 2019-09-30Totalitarian (Italy)Defeated, Destroyed And DividedBloodlandsBarren Void Records
3. 2019-09-30Wrong AnswerThe TombsCircle Of Blood MP3
4. 2019-09-23AncientSleeping Princess of the ArgesMad Grandiose Bloodfiends
5. 2019-09-16Goatess3. What Lies BeneathBlood and WineSvart Records
6. 2019-08-26Wrong AnswerChanceCircle Of Blood MP3
7. 2019-08-26NecrotRather Be DeadBlood OfferingsTankcrimes
8. 2019-08-19Blood Chalice (Finland)The DescentBlood Chalice CD + DVD/10" EPBlood Harvest Records
9. 2019-08-12EXCEEDslin n nonethe blood in on your hands
10. 2019-08-05Triumvir Foul05 Disemboweled PneumaSpiritual BloodshedInvictus Productions
11. 2019-07-29Soul ReaperWritten in BloodWritten in BloodMetal Mind Productions
12. 2019-07-01NecrotBreathing MachineBlood OfferingsTankcrimes
13. 2019-06-24Tengger CavalryWolf BloodBlood Sacrifice Shaman
14. 2019-06-03Black TormentBlasphemous Altars of the ImpureBloody Signs Of DevastationOld Cemetery Records
15. 2019-05-20VomitoryRotting HillBlood RaptureMetal Blade
16. 2019-05-20DeathInfernal DeathScream Bloody Gore
17. 2019-05-13The Monolith DeathcultDer HexenhammerBloodcults
18. 2019-05-06No Innocent VictimNever Face DefeatFlesh & BloodVictory Records
19. 2019-04-29Wound CollectorCrucifixion To The Inverted CrossEternal BloodcultProfane Records
20. 2019-04-22Imperial DuskBlack Priest of Satanic Blood RitualsBlack Priest Of Satanic Blood Rituals
21. 2019-04-22Wound CollectorRecapturing The ThroneEternal BloodcultProfane Records
22. 2019-04-15SlayerRaining BloodReign in Bloodamerican
23. 2019-04-085grsBuilt On BloodBuilt On Blood
24. 2019-04-01Black TormentOwner of Profane ProphecyBloody Signs Of DevastationOld Cemetery Records
25. 2019-03-11Totalitarian (Italy)05 Of Bullets And GasBloodlandsBarren Void Records
26. 2019-03-04DeathDenial Of LifeScream Bloody Gore
27. 2019-02-25Totalitarian02 On The Wings Of The Great TerrorBloodlandsBarren Void Records
28. 2019-02-25In Dire NeedThe Granite CityThe Blood Of The Damned And The Waters Of False Prophecyself-released
29. 2019-02-11ProvocatorGeneral Commander BaphometSatan, Chaos, Blood and TerrorMoribund Records
30. 2019-02-11NecrófagoScreams Of Pain - track 2/3Desire For Blood ( 1987 )
31. 2019-02-04DeathRegurgitated GutsScream Bloody Gore
32. 2018-12-31VomitoryBlessed and ForsakenBlood RaptureMetal Blade
33. 2018-12-31EnthrallmentBonegrinderImmerse into Bloody BlissMetal Age Productions - via Metalhit
34. 2018-12-24CentinexUnder the Pagan GloryBloodhuntRepulse Records
35. 2018-11-19WatainRite Of DarknessTonight We Raise Our Cups And Toast In Angels Blood - A Tribute To Bathory
36. 2018-11-05SlayerAngel of DeathReign in Bloodamerican
37. 2018-10-22ExodusAnd Then There Were NoneBonded By Blood [1989 Combat Re-release]
38. 2018-10-15Blood Chalice (Finland)Saint FornicatorBlood Chalice CD + DVD/10" EPBlood Harvest Records
39. 2018-10-01Life is PainOppressive Nights in Mental AsylumBloody Melancholy
40. 2018-09-17KOMMANDANTBlood EelBlood EelATMF
41. 2018-09-03BlasphemyWeltering in BloodBlood Upon the Altar LPNuclear War Now! Productions
42. 2018-08-27KOMMANDANTIce GiantBlood EelATMF
43. 2018-07-30One King DownMore Hate Than FearBloodlust RevengeEqual Vision
44. 2018-06-25EXCEEDput to deaththe blood in on your hands
45. 2018-06-04InfamyLaceratedBlood Shall Flow/Got What He Drepulse
46. 2018-05-28ExodusDeliver Us To EvilLet There Be Bloodimportant
47. 2018-05-28BathoryThe StallionBlood on Ice
48. 2018-04-23SlayerRaining BloodReign in Bloodamerican
49. 2018-04-09Agnostic FrontUnited BloodUnited Blood
50. 2018-03-19NecrophagiaAnd You Will Live in TerrorBlack Blood
51. 2018-02-19BathoryThe LakeBlood on Ice
52. 2018-02-12Tengger CavalryBlood Sacrifice ShamanBlood Sacrifice Shaman
53. 2018-02-05BathoryOne Eyed Old ManBlood on Ice
54. 2018-01-29NeurosisStrength Of FatesThrough Silver In Blood
55. 2018-01-29WatainThe Return Of Darkness And EvilTonight We Raise Our Cups And Toast In Angels Blood - A Tribute To Bathory
56. 2018-01-22Type O NegativeBloody Kisses (A Death in the Family)Bloody Kisses [Expanded]Roadrunner
57. 2018-01-15Type O NegativeKill All the White PeopleBloody Kisses [Expanded]Roadrunner
58. 2018-01-01ExodusAnd Then There Were NoneLet There Be BloodZaentz Records
59. 2018-01-01Moaning, TheA Dark Decade's RisingBlood from StoneNo Fashion Records
60. 2017-10-23Santa CruzDrag Me Out Of The DarknessBad Blood RisingM-Theory Audio
61. 2017-10-02DeathBeyond The Unholy GraveScream Bloody GoreMetal Blade
62. 2017-09-18Departure ChandelierA Supernatural Being Arose From Kindred StockBlood Tyrant / Departure Chandelier split EPNuclear War Now! Productions
63. 2017-08-28One King DownMore Hate Than FearBloodlust Revenge EPEqual Vision
64. 2017-07-17DeathInfernal DeathScream Bloody Gore
65. 2017-07-03BlasphemyNocturnal SlayerGods of War/Blood upon the Alter
66. 2017-06-26Type O NegativeSummer BreezeBloody Kisses [Expanded]Roadrunner
67. 2017-06-26BathoryFor All Those Who DiedBlood Fire Death
68. 2017-06-19NOCTURNAL GRAVESAscension Through Lucifer's Might...From the Bloodline of Cain (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
69. 2017-06-05AllegianceMed Svard I HandHymns of BloodWorld War III (American Music Corp)
70. 2017-06-05SlayerRaining BloodReign in Bloodamerican
71. 2017-05-15One King DownPrey To Human SilenceBloodlust Revenge EPEqual Vision
72. 2017-05-15VaderWhen Darkness CallsBlood/Reign Forever WorldMetal Blade
73. 2017-05-08Triumvir Foul03 Entranced by FilthSpiritual BloodshedInvictus Productions
74. 2017-04-10Cattle DecapitationAlone at the LandfillKarma. Bloody. KarmaMetal Blade Records
75. 2017-04-10SlayerPostmortemReign in Bloodamerican
76. 2017-04-03DeathBaptized In BloodScream Bloody Gore
77. 2017-04-03For The WorseShove It Up Your AssBlood, Guts, Going NutsBridge Nine Records
78. 2017-03-27Malevolent CreationNarcotic GenocideIn Cold Blood
79. 2017-02-27Ruin (US)04 The Thirst for AnnihilationDrown in BloodMemento Mori
80. 2017-02-20Ymir's Blood2. 1589Ymir's BloodArchaic Sound
81. 2017-01-23Aima02 Pagan NecromancyBlood Chalices From the Impure - split 7" EPBlood Harvest Records
82. 2017-01-16InfamySalem's BurningThe Blood Shall FlowMercenary Musik
83. 2017-01-09Indecision...And You Wear Too Much Make-UpMost Precious Blood
84. 2017-01-02SlayerJesus SavesReign In Bloodamerican
85. 2016-12-12NeurosisPurifyThrough Silver In Blood
86. 2016-12-05Type O NegativeBloody Kisses (A Death In The Family)Bloody Kisses (Top-Shelf Edition)Roadrunner Records
87. 2016-11-21SlayerPiece by PieceReign in Bloodamerican
88. 2016-11-07SlayerCriminally InsaneReign in Bloodamerican
89. 2016-10-31SlayerPostmortemReign in Bloodamerican
90. 2016-10-24SlayerAngel of DeathReign in Bloodamerican
91. 2016-10-17Tengger CavalryPythonBlood Sacrifice Shaman
92. 2016-10-10BARISHI03 The Great EnneadBlood from the Lion's MouthSeason Of Mist
93. 2016-10-10FleshcrawlUnder the Banner of DeathAs Blood Rains from the Sky, We Walk the Endless Path of FireMetal Blade Records
94. 2016-09-12INQUISITION06 The Flames of Infinite Blackness Before CreationBloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial ZenithSeason Of Mist
95. 2016-08-29INQUISITIONVortex From the Celestial Flying Throne of StormsBloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial ZenithSeason Of Mist
96. 2016-08-22Black TormentGoat DestroyerBloody Signs Of DevastationOld Cemetery Records
97. 2016-08-08InfamyBodily DisembowelmentBlood Shall Flow/Got What He D
98. 2016-08-01DeathMutilationScream Bloody Gore
99. 2016-07-04ABIGAIL03 Black MoldBloody Your Lovely Pussy! (Split 7" EP)Hells Headbangers Records
100. 2016-07-04Agony ColumnUltraviolent RaysBrave Words and Bloody KnucklesBig Chief
101. 2016-06-20ExistenchI Live on ShameBlood Money
102. 2016-06-13No WarningAnswer the CallIll BloodBridge Nine Records
103. 2016-06-06SlayerAngel Of DeathReign In Blood [Expanded Edition]
104. 2016-05-30CentinexLike Darkened StormsBloodhuntRepulse Records
105. 2016-05-23NOCTURNAL GRAVESPromethean War...From the Bloodline of Cain (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
106. 2016-05-23BerserkerBlood of the Warriors and Icy Look at DeathBlood of the Warrior
107. 2016-05-16SlayerJesus SavesReign In Bloodmetalblade
108. 2016-05-02DeathZombie RitualScream Bloody Gorerelativity
109. 2016-05-02GwarStorm is ComingBloody Pit of HorrorMetal Blade
110. 2016-04-18Black SabbathSabbath Bloody SabbathSabbath, Bloody SabbathWarner Bros
111. 2016-04-11PessimistPsychological AutopsyBlood for the GodsLost Disciple
112. 2016-04-04DeathMutilationScream Bloody Gore
113. 2016-03-28ExodusA Lesson In ViolenceBonded By Blood
114. 2016-03-21The Mountain ManBloodlustBloodlust EPSelf-Released
115. 2016-03-14BelphegorSchizoid nightmareBloodbath In Paradise [EP]World War III
116. 2016-02-22OBITUARYVisions In My HeadInked In BloodRelapse Records
117. 2016-02-22Cannibal CorpseUnleashing the BloodthirstyBloodthirstMetal Blade Records
118. 2016-02-08NeurosisLocust StarThrough Silver In Bloodtribes
119. 2016-01-25InfamyOnslought of CarnageThe Blood Shall FlowMercenary Musik
120. 2016-01-11ExodusA Lesson in ViolenceBonded by Blood
121. 2016-01-04Pregierz02 Shallow GraveBlood Sanctions double-7" EPBlood Harvest Records
122. 2015-12-21BlasphemyEmperor Of The Black AbyssGods Of War / Blood Upon The AOsmose Productions
123. 2015-12-14BlasphemyEmperor Of The Black AbyssGods Of War / Blood Upon The AOsmose Productions
124. 2015-11-23Type O NegativeSummer BreezeBloody Kissesroadrunner
125. 2015-10-26UndeadBlood EnemyBlood Enemyxtreem
126. 2015-09-21VulcanoDeath MetalBloody Vengeancegreyhaze
127. 2015-09-14BlasphemyEmperor Of The Black AbyssGods Of War/Blood Upon The Alterosmose
128. 2015-09-07GoatwhoreWhen Steel and Bone MeetBlood For The Mastermetalblade
129. 2015-08-31AbigailPower Of The DemonBloody Your Lovely Pussy!hells_headbangers
130. 2015-08-17SlayerWorld Painted BloodWorld Painted BloodColumbia
131. 2015-08-17ExodusMetal CommandBonded By Bloodcombat
132. 2015-08-10NeurosisEnclosure In FlameThrough Silver in Blood
133. 2015-08-03SlayerPsychopathy RedWorld Painted BloodColumbia
134. 2015-07-27VolcanoHolocaustBloody Vengeancegreyhaze
135. 2015-07-06The Gates of SlumberBeneath The eyes Of MarsHymms Of Blood And Thundermetalblade
136. 2015-06-29DeathZombie RitualScream Bloody Gore
137. 2015-06-22InsulterFuckin'Blood Spits, Violences And Insultsnuclear_war_now
138. 2015-05-11InfamyCranial Implosionthe Blood Shall Flowrepulse
139. 2015-05-11SlayerPublic Display Of DismembermentWorld Painted BloodColumbia
140. 2015-05-04SlayerPsychopathy RedWorld Painted BloodColumbia
141. 2015-04-20BerserkerEternal LifeBlood Of The Warrior
142. 2015-04-20SlayerWorld Painted BloodWorld Painted Blood
143. 2015-04-20NeurosisAeonThrough Silver in Blood
144. 2015-04-13PregierzShallow GrveBlood Sanctionsblood_harvest
145. 2015-03-23ThornspawnBlood Of The Holy, Taint Thy SteelBlood Of The Holy, Taint Thy Steel
146. 2015-03-16MoreBlood And ThunderBlood And Thunder
147. 2015-03-16SlayerRaining BloodReign in Blood (extended edition)
148. 2015-03-09SlayerPsychopathy RedWorld Painted Blood
149. 2015-03-02VomitoryNailed, Quarted, ConsomedBlood Rapturemetalblade
150. 2015-03-02NekrofilthJeruselam DecayFilling My Blood With Poisonhells_headbangers
151. 2015-02-09BattleroarImmortal ChariotBlood Of Legendscruz_del_sur_music
152. 2015-02-02SlayerRaining BloodReign in Blood (extended edition)
153. 2015-01-26DeathMutilationScream Bloody Gorecombat
154. 2015-01-19NekrofilthWorship DestructionFilling My Blood With Poisonhells_headbangers
155. 2015-01-19PortalTrapezohedronPortal/Blood Of Kinguhells_headbangers
156. 2015-01-12RevengeDeathless WillAttack.Blood.Revengenuclear_war_now
157. 2015-01-12One King DownMass SuicideBloodlust Revengeevr
158. 2014-12-29Agnostic FrontFriend Or FoeUnited Blood
159. 2014-12-29CentinexLuciferian MoonBloodhuntrepulse
160. 2014-12-29BlasphemyEmperor Of The Black AbyssGods Of War/Blood Upon The Alter
161. 2014-12-22SlayerHate WorldwideWorld Painted BloodColumbia
162. 2014-12-08RevengeAnnihilate OF ServeAttack.Blood.Revengenuclear_war_now
163. 2014-12-01ExodusWrapped In The Arms OF RageBlood In, Blood Outnuclearblast
164. 2014-11-17Machine HeadGhosts Will Haunt My BodyBloodstone & Diamondsnuclearblast
165. 2014-11-03ObituaryViolent By NatureInked In Bloodrelapse
166. 2014-11-03ExodusBody HarvestBlood In, Blood Outnuclearblast
167. 2014-10-27ExodusSalt The WoundBlood In, Blood Outnuclearblast
168. 2014-10-20Cattle DecapitationOne Thousand Times DecapitationKarma Bloody Karmametalblade
169. 2014-09-22DecapitatedBlood MantraBlood Mantranuclearblast
170. 2014-09-15SlayerSnuffWorld Painted BloodColumbia
171. 2014-09-01DeathScream Bloody GoreScream Bloody Gorecombat
172. 2014-09-01NeurosisThrough Silver In BloodThrough Silver in Bloodtribes
173. 2014-08-18ExodusNo LoveLet There be Bloodzaentz
174. 2014-08-18SlayerSnuffWorld Painted BloodColumbia
175. 2014-08-11DeathEvil DeadScream Bloody Gorecombat
176. 2014-08-11SlayerPsychopathy RedWorld Painted Blood
177. 2014-06-30SlayerHate WorldwideWorld Painted Bloodamerican
178. 2014-06-30NominonThe SuffererDiabolical Bloodshed
179. 2014-06-16BattleroarChilvaryBlood Of Legendscruz_del_sur_music
180. 2014-06-09InfamyMass Cremationthe Blood Shall Flowrepulse
181. 2014-06-02SolstafirBitch In BlackIn Blood And Spiritseason_of_mist
182. 2014-06-02Virgin SnatchBred To KillIn The Name Of Blood
183. 2014-05-26BattleroarThe Curse Of MedeaBlood Of Legendscruz_del_sur_music
184. 2014-05-26NominonNight Of DamnationDiabolical Bloodshed
185. 2014-05-19SolstafirTormentorIn Blood And Spiritseason_of_mist
186. 2014-05-12GwarA Gathering Of GhoulsBloody Pit Of Horrormetalblade
187. 2014-04-28MortualiaThe Sinister ShineBlood Of The Hermitmoribund
188. 2014-04-28InfestAmong The Fallen OnesCold Blood Warxtreem
189. 2014-04-14MastodonWe Built This Come DeathLifesbloodrelapse
190. 2014-03-24The Black Dahlia MurderBurning The HiveA Cold-Blooded Eitaph
191. 2014-03-24InfamySalem's Burningthe Blood Shall Flowrepulse
192. 2014-03-10CrowbarFall Back To ZeroLifesblood for the Downtroddencandlelight
193. 2014-03-10BlasphemyNocturnal SlayerBlood Upon The Altar
194. 2014-03-10Soul ReaperUngodlyWritten in Bloodnuclearblast
195. 2014-02-17FunerealityBloodsucking FreakBloodsucking Freakhorror_pain_gore_death
196. 2014-02-10FunerealityMaster Of The Foul ArtsBloodsucking Freakhorror_pain_gore_death
197. 2014-02-10Virgin SnatchState Of FearIn The Name Of Blood
198. 2014-02-03For The WorseBoston, Not L.A.blood, guns, guts, going nutsbridge9
199. 2014-01-13The Black Dahlia MurderBurning The HiveA Cold-Blooded Eitaph
200. 2014-01-13Elysian BlazeA Blade For TwilightBlood Geometryosmose
201. 2013-12-23UlverChristmasBlood Insideend
202. 2013-12-23SlayerHuman StrainWorld Painted Blood
203. 2013-12-23PessimistCentury of LiesBlood For The Godslost_disciple
204. 2013-12-23AncientsSleeping Princess Of The ArgesMad Grandoise Bloodfriendsmetalblade
205. 2013-12-16SolstafirTormentorIn Blood And Spiritseason_of_mist
206. 2013-12-16Nocternal GravesAscension Through Lucifer's Might... From The Bloodline of Cainhells_headbangers
207. 2013-12-09Nocternal GravesThrough The Devil's Flesh... From The Bloodline of Cainhells_headbangers
208. 2013-12-02ExodusAnd Then There Were NoneLet There be Bloodimportant
209. 2013-11-25DrudkhFurrows Of GodsКров у Наших Криницях (Blood in Our Wells)
210. 2013-11-18Death AngelSon Of The MorningThe Dreams Calls For Bloodnuclearblast
211. 2013-11-04Soul RemnantsCauldron Of BloodBlack And Bloodhorror_pain_gore_death
212. 2013-11-04Death AngelDetonateThe Dreams Calls For Bloodnuclearblast
213. 2013-10-28Solstafir2000 ArIn Blood And Spiritseason_of_mist
214. 2013-10-21Death AngelSuccubusThe Dreams Calls For Bloodnuclearblast
215. 2013-10-21MacabraContribution To Your Dis-Elaboration (Sustenance Of The Void)Blood-Nurtured Nature
216. 2013-10-14Death AngelLeft For DeadThe Dreams Calls For Bloodnuclearblast
217. 2013-10-07Death AngelThe Dreams Calls For BloodThe Dreams Calls For Bloodnuclearblast
218. 2013-09-16AutopsyRavenous FreaksFiend For Blood
219. 2013-08-12Blood Red ThroneHymn Of The AsylumBlood Red Throneearache
220. 2013-07-29GravewurmDeeper DungeonsBlood Of The Pentagramhells_headbangers
221. 2013-07-22GravewurmBrought Before The AltarBlood Of The Pentagramhells_headbangers
222. 2013-07-15Blood Red ThronePrimative Killing MachineBlood Red Throne
223. 2013-07-15SlayerHate WorldwideWorld Painted Blood
224. 2013-07-01NeurosisThrough Silver In BloodThrough Silver in Blood
225. 2013-06-17DeathRegurgitated GutsScream Bloody Gorecombat
226. 2013-06-17BelphegorPossessed Burning Eyes 1997Blood Magick Necromancenuclearblast
227. 2013-06-10DeathBaptized in BloodScream Bloody Gorecombat
228. 2013-06-10ASGScrappy's TripBlood Driverelapse
229. 2013-06-10HowlDemonicBloodlinesrelapse
230. 2013-05-20SlayerPiece By PieceReign in Blooddef_jam
231. 2013-05-06SlayerRaining BloodReign in Blood (extended edition)american
232. 2013-05-06DeathMutilationScream Bloody Gorecombat
233. 2013-04-22DeathEvil DeadScream Bloody Gorecombat
234. 2013-03-18SlayerPiece by PieceReign in Bloodamerican
235. 2013-03-04In This MomentWhoreBloodcenturymedia
236. 2013-01-28Audrey HorneStraight Into Your GraveYoungbloodnapalm
237. 2013-01-21Audrey HorneStraight Into Your GraveYoungbloodnapalm
238. 2013-01-14NecrovationDeath SalvationBreed Deadness Bloodblood_harvest
239. 2012-12-10SlayerPiece by PieceReign in Blooddef_jam
240. 2012-11-12Grand Supreme Blood CourtPublic CastrationBow Down Before The Blood Courtcenturymedia
241. 2012-11-12Uncle Acid & The DeadbeatsI'm Here To Kill YouBlood Lustmetalblade
242. 2012-10-29OverkillI, HurricaneBloodlettingMetal-is
243. 2012-10-22Grand Supreme Blood CourtThere Shall Be No AcquitanceBow Down Before The Blood Courtcenturymedia
244. 2012-10-15SlayerPiece by PieceReign in Bloodmetalblade
245. 2012-10-08Death Sickkill the onesBlood Gore And Intense Violenceself-released
246. 2012-07-30GoatwhoreEmbodiment Of This Bitter ChoasBlood For The Mastermetalblade
247. 2012-07-23AutopsySqueal Like A PigFiend For Bloodpeaceville
248. 2012-07-16VonWatainSatanic Blood
249. 2012-07-16Through the Eyes of the DeadBeneath Dying SkiesBloodlustprosthetic
250. 2012-07-16Paths of Possessionbring me the head of ChristPromises In Bloodmetalblade
251. 2012-06-04HorsebackArjunaHalf Bloodrelapse
252. 2012-05-28FrightmareThe Blood Runs In RiversBringing Back The Bloodshedrazorback
253. 2012-04-16FrightmareThey Were WarnedBringing Back The Bloodshedrazorback
254. 2012-04-16For The WorseThe Day Music Diedblood, guns, guts, going nutsbridge9
255. 2012-03-26GoatwhoreWhen Steel and Bone MeetBlood For The Mastermetalblade
256. 2012-03-12No WarningGrowing SilentIll Bloodbridge9
257. 2012-03-05GoatwhoreWhen Steel and Bone MeetBlood For The Mastermetalblade
258. 2012-03-05SlayerRaining BloodReign in Blood (extended edition)american
259. 2012-03-05NecrophagiaThey Dwell BeneathBlack Blood Vamitorium
260. 2012-02-27GoatwhoreParasitic Scriptures Of The Sacred WordBlood For The Mastermetalblade
261. 2012-02-20ExodusBonded By BloodBonded By Bloodcombat
262. 2012-02-06NeurosisEyeThrough Silver in Bloodrelapse
263. 2012-01-23DeathMutilationScream Bloody Gorecombat
264. 2012-01-16God ForbidWar of AttritionEarthsbloodcenturymedia
265. 2011-12-26InfamyCranial Implosionthe Blood Shall Flowrepulse
266. 2011-12-05SamaelBlood RitualBlood Ritualcenturymedia
267. 2011-11-28InfamyOnslaught of Carnagethe Blood Shall Flowworld_war_iii
268. 2011-10-24GwarKZ - NecromancerBloody Pit Of Horrormetalblade
269. 2011-10-17No Innocent VictimAs I FightFlesh And Bloodvictory
270. 2011-08-22Black TormentOwner Of Profane ProphecyBloody Signs Of Devastationold_cemetery
271. 2011-08-15Black TormentBlack DawnBloody Signs Of Devastationold_cemetery
272. 2011-08-08Black TormentSodomy And LustBloody Signs Of Devastationold_cemetery
273. 2011-07-04ExodusDeliver Us To EvilBonded By Bloodcombat
274. 2011-06-20Type O NegativeKill All the White PeopleBloody Kissesroadrunner
275. 2011-06-20RavencultSnakes CrawlMorbid Bloodhells_headbangers
276. 2011-06-13Black TormentGoat DestroyerBloody Signs Of Devastationold_cemetery
277. 2011-06-06Black TormentBloody Signs Of DevastationBloody Signs Of Devastationold_cemetery
278. 2011-05-30GravewurmGoat CommandBlood Of The Pentagramhells_headbangers
279. 2011-05-30Black TormentBlack DawnBloody Signs Of Devastationold_cemetery
280. 2011-05-16RavencultWinds Of DamnationMorbid Bloodhells_headbangers
281. 2011-05-09RavencultPossessed On Burial GroundMorbid Bloodhells_headbangers
282. 2011-04-11DeathZombie RitualScream Bloody Gorecombat
283. 2011-04-04SlayerRaining BloodReign in Blooddef_jam
284. 2011-04-04BalforLight's DemiseBarbaric Bloodpulverised
285. 2011-03-28In Dire NeedThe WakeThe Blood Of The Damned And The Waters Of False Prophecyself-released
286. 2011-03-21BalforPure BarbaricBarbaric Bloodpulverised
287. 2011-03-21The MoaningStillbornBlood From Stoneno_fashion
288. 2011-03-14GravewurmBrought Before The AltarBlood Of The Pentagramhells_headbangers
289. 2011-03-07InfamyCryptobiosisthe Blood Shall Flowworld_war_iii
290. 2011-02-28GravewurmDeeper DungeonsBlood Of The Pentagramhells_headbangers
291. 2011-02-21BelphegorAngeli Mortis De PrefundisBlood Magick Necromancenuclearblast
292. 2011-02-21Infernal ExecratorDiabolos Execratus ExescariMCBL: Heathen Blood Cultold_cemetery
293. 2011-02-14BelphegorRise To Fall and Fall To RiseBlood Magick Necromancenuclearblast
294. 2011-02-07BelphegorBlood Magick NecromanceBlood Magick Necromancenuclearblast
295. 2011-02-07SlayerRaining BloodReign in Blooddef_jam
296. 2011-01-31BalforIn A Thunder Of Ancient GloryBarbaric Bloodpulverised
297. 2011-01-31Imperial TyrantsGrand Violator Of God's TriumphMCBL: Heathen Blood Cultold_cemetery
298. 2011-01-31Seges FindereKrieg Macht FreiProclamation Of Blood Vengeanceold_cemetery
299. 2011-01-24CentinexUnder The Pagan GloryBloodhuntrepulse
300. 2011-01-24GravewurmBlood Of The PentagramBlood Of The Pentagramhells_headbangers
301. 2011-01-17SlayerRaining BloodReign in Blooddef_jam
302. 2011-01-10SlayerRaining BloodReign in Blooddef_jam
303. 2011-01-03GravewurmBrought Before The AltarBlood Of The Pentagramhells_headbangers
304. 2010-12-27Seges FindereApokalypik HarvesterProclamation Of Blood Vengeanceold_cemetery
305. 2010-12-27WarcryPure Force Of SteelRevenge In Bloodpure_steel
306. 2010-12-20Infernal ExecratorTrue Anti-Religious ElitesMCBL: Heathen Blood Cultold_cemetery
307. 2010-12-20Baptized In BloodOnly CureBaptized In Bloodroadrunner
308. 2010-12-20GwarA Gathering Of GhoulsBloody Pit Of Horrormetalblade
309. 2010-12-20GravewurmBlood Of The PentagramBlood Of The Pentagramhells_headbangers
310. 2010-11-08AcceptThe AbyssBlood Of The Nationsnuclearblast
311. 2010-11-08WarcryAwakening The CemetaryRevenge In Bloodpure_steel
312. 2010-10-25AcceptLocked and LoadedBlood Of The Nationsnuclearblast
313. 2010-10-18AcceptRollin ThunderBlood Of The Nationsnuclearblast
314. 2010-10-18ExodusBonded By BloodBonded By Bloodcombat
315. 2010-10-11AcceptBlood Of The NationsBlood Of The Nationsnuclearblast
316. 2010-09-20Cannibal CorpseDead Human CollectionBloodthirstmetalblade
317. 2010-08-16EnthrallmentEnthrallmentImmerse Into Bloody Blissmetal_age
318. 2010-08-09Black CrossBlack SheepWindows Bloody Windowsinitial
319. 2010-08-09The MoaningDying Internal EmbersBlood From Stoneno_fashion
320. 2010-07-05Type O NegativeSummer BreezeBloody Kissesroadrunner
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332. 2010-02-15With PassionDarkness Doth Bring MortalityIn the Midst of Bloodied Soilearache
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398. 2008-04-21Children of BodomSmile Pretty for the DevilBlooddrunkspinefarm
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407. 2008-01-21Cattle Decapitationof Human Pride and FlatulenceKarma Bloody Karmametalblade
408. 2007-12-10Through the Eyes of the DeadTruest Shade of CrimsonBloodlustprosthetic
409. 2007-12-03Six Feet Underamerika the brutalBringer of Bloodmetalblade
410. 2007-12-03Through the Eyes of the Deadwhen everything becomes nothingBloodlustprosthetic
411. 2007-11-12DeathZombie RitualScream Bloody Gorecombat
412. 2007-10-22SamaelPoison InfiltrationBlood Ritualcenturymedia
413. 2007-10-15MehidaStrongholdBlood & Waternapalm
414. 2007-10-01IndecisionFalse Prophet PreachingMost Precious Bloodexit
415. 2007-09-17For The Worseshove it up your assblood, guns, guts, going nutsbridge9
416. 2007-09-10MehidaGuiltyBlood & Waternapalm
417. 2007-09-10God DethronedBoiling BloodBloody Blasphemymetalblade
418. 2007-03-12Through the Eyes of the Deadbeneath dying skiesBloodlustprosthetic
419. 2006-06-19Through the Eyes of the Deadtwo inches from a main arteryBloodlustprosthetic
420. 2006-03-27Through the Eyes of the Deadbeneath dying skiesBloodlustprosthetic
421. 2006-02-20Through the Eyes of the Deadforce fed traumaBloodlustprosthetic
422. 2006-02-06Through the Eyes of the Deadwith eyes ever turned inwardBloodlustprosthetic
423. 2006-01-30Through the Eyes of the Deadbringer of truthBloodlustprosthetic
424. 2006-01-23Through the Eyes of the Deadbeneath dying skiesBloodlustprosthetic
425. 2006-01-16Through the Eyes of the Deadwhen everything becomes nothingBloodlustprosthetic
426. 2006-01-09Through the Eyes of the Deadbringer of truthBloodlustprosthetic
427. 2005-12-26Through the Eyes of the Deadwith eyes ever turned inwardBloodlustprosthetic
428. 2005-12-19Through the Eyes of the Deadtruest shade of crimsonBloodlustprosthetic
429. 2005-12-12Through the Eyes of the Deadbringer of truthBloodlustprosthetic
430. 2005-12-05Through the Eyes of the Deadwhen everything becomes nothingBloodlustprosthetic
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435. 2003-09-22six feet underamerika the brutalBringer of Bloodmetalblade
436. 2003-09-09six feet underamerica the brutalBringer of Bloodmetalblade
437. 2002-05-26Samael...until the ChaosBlood Ritualcenturymedia
438. 1999-12-27SamaelAfter the SepultureBlood Ritualcenturymedia
439. 1999-06-14Samael... until the ChaosBlood Ritualcenturymedia
440. 1997-08-25SamaelMacabre OperattaBlood Ritualcenturymedia
441. 1997-08-18Samaelblood ritualBlood Ritualcenturymedia
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443. 1997-04-08Samael...until the chaosBlood Ritualcenturymedia
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447. 1996-10-21SamaelAfter the SepultureBlood Ritualcenturymedia
448. 1996-09-23SamaelAfter the SepultureBlood Ritualcenturymedia
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