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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1175 playlist up with 50214 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-09-21Napalm DeathExileUtopia Banished
2. 2018-11-26Napalm DeathBlunt Against the Cutting EdgeEnemy of the Music BusinessSpitfire Records
3. 2018-10-15Napalm DeathCD1 3. It Failed To ExplodeCoded Smears and More Uncommon SlursCentury Media Records
4. 2018-07-23Napalm DeathRipe For The BreakingDiatribes
5. 2018-06-18Napalm DeathSuffer The ChildrenSuffer The Children
6. 2018-05-14Napalm DeathJudicial SlimeUtopia Banishedearache
7. 2018-03-19Napalm DeathCD1 11. Aim Without An AimCoded Smears and More Uncommon SlursCentury Media Records
8. 2018-03-12Napalm DeathCD1 7. We Hunt In PacksCoded Smears and More Uncommon SlursCentury Media Records
9. 2017-08-14Napalm DeathNazi Punks Fuck OffPunishment in CapitalsSnapper
10. 2017-07-03Napalm DeathConstitutional HellEnemy of the Music BusinessSpitfire Records
11. 2017-02-27Napalm DeathRepression Out of UniformWords from the Exit WoundEarache
12. 2017-01-30Napalm DeathDeceiver/Social SterilityComplete Radio One Sessions (BBC)Fuel 2000
13. 2016-11-21Napalm DeathSocial SterilityFrom Enslavement To ObliterationEarache
14. 2016-08-22Napalm DeathUnchallenged HateDeath by Manipulation
15. 2016-07-18Napalm DeathSuffer the ChildrenPunishment in CapitalsSnapper
16. 2016-05-23Napalm DeathDeceiver + Lucid Fairytale + in ExtremisThe Peel Sessions
17. 2016-01-25Napalm DeathMoral CrusadeGrind Madness At The BBCEarache
18. 2015-12-14Napalm DeathSocial SterilityDeath by Manipulationearache
19. 2015-08-17Napalm DeathChristening of the BlindUtopia Banishedearache
20. 2015-07-20Napalm DeathDope FiendLeaders Not Followers: Part 2centurymedia
21. 2015-07-06Napalm DeathCircle Of HypocrisyHarmony Corruption
22. 2015-05-25Napalm DeathBreed To Breathe (Live)Punishment in Capitals:armoury
23. 2015-01-26Napalm DeathObstinate DirectionFom Enslavement To Obliterationcenturymedia
24. 2014-10-20Napalm DeathPractice What You PreachFrom Enslavement To Obliterationearache
25. 2014-09-15Napalm DeathMorbid DeceiverFrom Enslavement To Obliteration
26. 2014-07-28Napalm DeathThe Wolf I FeedUtilitariancenturymedia
27. 2014-04-28Napalm Deaththe World Keeps TurningUtopia Banishedearache
28. 2014-02-24Napalm DeathCause and EffectMentally Murdered
29. 2014-01-27Napalm DeathWhen All Is Said And DoneSmear Campaigncenturymedia
30. 2013-12-16Napalm DeathRaging HellBroadcast 1988-04-20
31. 2013-12-02Napalm DeathBedtime StoryLeaders Not Followers: Part 2centurymedia
32. 2013-09-30Napalm DeathThrown Down A RopeWords From The Exit Woundearache
33. 2013-09-16Napalm DeathI AbstainUtopia Banishedearache
34. 2013-09-02Napalm DeathHungPunishment in Capitalsarmoury
35. 2013-07-08Napalm DeathWorlds ApartFrom Enslavement To Obliterationearache
36. 2013-05-13Napalm DeathScumPunishment in Capitals:armoury
37. 2013-04-15Napalm DeathCock-Rock AlienationFrom Enslavement To Obliterationearache
38. 2013-01-07Napalm Deathwhen all is said and doneSmear Campaigncenturymedia
39. 2012-10-22Napalm Deaththe World Keeps TurningUtopia Banishedearache
40. 2012-10-08Napalm DeathCollision CourseUtilitariancenturymedia
41. 2012-09-17Napalm DeathBlank Look About FaceUtilitariancenturymedia
42. 2012-08-20Napalm DeathMass Appeal MadnessDeath By Manipulationearache
43. 2012-08-13Napalm DeathA Gag ReflexUtilitariancenturymedia
44. 2012-08-06Napalm DeathFall On Their SwordsUtilitariancenturymedia
45. 2012-07-16Napalm DeathRise AboveDeath By Manipulationearache
46. 2012-07-09Napalm DeathOrders Of MagnitudeUtilitariancenturymedia
47. 2012-06-04Napalm DeathYou SufferVarious Artists - Earache: World's Shortest Recordsearache
48. 2012-06-04Napalm DeathDeadVarious Artists - Earache: World's Shortest Recordsearache
49. 2012-06-04Napalm DeathYour AchievementVarious Artists - Earache: World's Shortest Recordsearache
50. 2012-05-28Napalm DeathThink Tank TrialsUtilitariancenturymedia
51. 2012-05-21Napalm DeathCollision CourseUtilitariancenturymedia
52. 2012-05-14Napalm DeathThink Tank TrialsUtilitariancenturymedia
53. 2012-05-07Napalm DeathQuarantinedUtilitariancenturymedia
54. 2012-04-09Napalm DeathThe Wolf I FeedUtilitariancenturymedia
55. 2012-04-02Napalm DeathEveryday PoxUtilitariancenturymedia
56. 2012-03-26Napalm DeathProtection RacketUtilitariancenturymedia
57. 2012-03-19Napalm DeathUpwards and Uninterested (Demo Version)Napalm Death/Coalesceearache
58. 2011-05-30Napalm DeathMore Than Meets The EyeMore Than Meets The Eye singleearache
59. 2011-05-02Napalm DeathBreed To BreatheBreed To Breathe EPearache
60. 2011-02-07Napalm DeathWar's No Fairytale (discharge cover)Leaders Not Followers: Part 2centurymedia
61. 2010-11-01Napalm DeathYou SufferScumearache
62. 2010-09-20Napalm DeathUnchallenged HateDeath By Manipulationearache
63. 2010-09-06Napalm DeathExileUtopia Banishedearache
64. 2010-08-23Napalm DeathTime Waits For No SlaveTime Waits For No Slavecenturymedia
65. 2010-08-09Napalm DeathWork To RuleTime Waits For No Slavecenturymedia
66. 2010-07-26Napalm DeathBlind To The Truth/Negative Approach/Common EnemyThe Peel Sessionsbbc_music
67. 2010-06-28Napalm DeathCleanse ImpureWords From The Exit Woundearache
68. 2010-06-14Napalm DeathChristening of the BlindUtopia Banishedearache
69. 2010-03-08Napalm DeathLife and LimbTime Waits For No Slavecenturymedia
70. 2010-01-04Napalm DeathPassive TenseTime Waits For No Slavecenturymedia
71. 2009-12-28Napalm DeathUnchallenged HateDeath By Manipulationearache
72. 2009-08-03Napalm DeathFood ChainsNapalm Death/Coalesceearache
73. 2009-06-08Napalm DeathA No-Sided ArgumentTime Waits For No Slavecenturymedia
74. 2009-05-04Napalm Deathwhen all is said and doneSmear Campaigncenturymedia
75. 2009-04-27Napalm DeathThe Missing LinkVarious Artist - Grindcrusherearache
76. 2009-04-20Napalm DeathScumScumearache
77. 2009-03-30Napalm Deathwhen all is said and doneSmear Campaigncenturymedia
78. 2009-03-16Napalm DeathChristening of the BlindUtopia Banishedearache
79. 2009-03-09Napalm DeathLife and LimbTime Waits For No Slavecenturymedia
80. 2009-03-02Napalm DeathProcrastination on the Empty VesselTime Waits For No Slavecenturymedia
81. 2009-02-23Napalm DeathLife and LimbTime Waits For No Slavecenturymedia
82. 2009-02-16Napalm DeathOn the Brink of ExtinctionTime Waits For No Slaveearache
83. 2009-02-09Napalm DeathTime Waits For No SlaveTime Waits For No Slavecenturymedia
84. 2009-01-26Napalm DeathWhen All is Said and DoneSmear Campaigncenturymedia
85. 2009-01-19Napalm DeathLife?Scumearache
86. 2008-12-29Napalm DeathWhen All is Said and DoneSmear Campaigncenturymedia
87. 2008-12-22Napalm DeathWhen All is Said and DoneSmear Campaigncenturymedia
88. 2008-12-08Napalm DeathUpwards and Uninterested (Demo Version)Napalm Death/Coalesceearache
89. 2008-11-03Napalm DeathWar's No Fairytale (discharge cover)Leaders Not Followers: Part 2centurymedia
90. 2008-08-25Napalm DeathNegative ApproachScumearache
91. 2008-06-30Napalm DeathRise AboveDeath By Manipulationearache
92. 2008-06-16Napalm DeathUnchallenged hate/Mentally MurderedThe Complete Radio One Sessionsbbc_music
93. 2008-01-07Napalm DeathUpwards and Uninterested (Demo Version)Utopia Banishedearache
94. 2007-12-17Napalm DeathSUCCESS?Scumearache
95. 2007-11-12Napalm DeathUpwards and Uninterested (Demo Version)Napalm Death/Coalesceearache
96. 2007-10-08Napalm DeathDistorting the MediumUtopia Banishedearache
97. 2007-07-09Napalm Deaththe World Keeps TurningPunishment in Capitalsarmoury
98. 2007-07-02Napalm DeathVerminPunishment in Capitalsarmoury
99. 2007-06-25Napalm Deathtake the poison
100. 2007-06-18napalm deathsuffer the children (live)Punishment in Capitals:armoury
101. 2007-06-11Napalm DeathBreed To Breathe (Live)Punishment in Capitalsarmoury
102. 2007-06-04Napalm DeathNext in line (live)Punishment in Capitalsarmoury
103. 2007-05-14Napalm DeathSuffer the Children
104. 2007-02-26napalm deathnext of kin to chaos
105. 2006-12-25napalm deathchristening of the blind
106. 2006-11-13napalm deathfood chains
107. 2006-10-16napalm deathchristening of the blind
108. 2006-10-09napalm deathwhen all is said and done
109. 2006-10-02napalm deathfreedom is the wage of sin
110. 2006-09-25napalm deathfatalist
111. 2006-09-18napalm deathidentity crisis
112. 2006-09-11napalm deathsink fast, let go
113. 2006-09-04napalm deatheyes right out
114. 2006-08-28napalm deathin deference
115. 2006-08-21napalm deathclimate control
116. 2006-08-14napalm deathvegetative state
117. 2006-07-17napalm deathUnchallenged Hate
118. 2006-06-19napalm deathpledge yourself to you
119. 2006-06-12napalm deathstricking purposefully backwards
120. 2006-06-05napalm deaththe great and the good
121. 2006-05-22napalm deaththe great and the good
122. 2006-05-15napalm deathall hail the grey dawn
123. 2006-05-08napalm deaththe code is red... lond live the code
124. 2006-03-06napalm deathcaught... in a dream
125. 2005-11-21napalm deathsuffer the chldren (live)
126. 2005-11-07napalm deathsiege of power
127. 2005-10-31napalm deathnazi punks fuck off
128. 2005-10-24napalm deathBreed To Breathe (Live)
129. 2005-10-17napalm deathback from the dead (live)
130. 2005-09-26napalm deathtake the poison
131. 2005-08-15napalm deathbreed to breathe
132. 2005-04-18napalm deathfood chains
133. 2005-02-28napalm deathnight of pain (wehrmacht)
134. 2005-02-21napalm deathlowlife (cryptic slaughter)
135. 2005-02-07napalm deathlowlife (cryptic slaughter)
136. 2005-01-31napalm deathtroops of doom (sepultura)
137. 2005-01-24napalm deathblind justice (agnostic front cover)
138. 2005-01-10napalm deathnight of pain (wehrmacht cover)
139. 2004-12-27napalm deathlowest common demoninator
140. 2004-11-29napalm deathnazi punks fuck off
141. 2004-11-01napalm deathmulti national coporations-instincts of survival-stigmatized-parasites
142. 2004-10-18napalm deathnazi punks fuck off
143. 2004-10-11napalm deathdeceiver-lucid fairytale - in extremis
144. 2004-10-04napalm deathBreed To Breathe
145. 2004-09-27napalm deathBreed To Breathe
146. 2004-03-29napalm deathparasites
147. 2004-03-15napalm deathbread to breathe
148. 2003-12-01napalm deathbreed to breathe
149. 2003-10-20napalm deathunchallenge hate
150. 2003-07-22Napalm Deathpolluted minds
151. 2003-04-08Napalm DeathBreed to Breathe
152. 2003-02-11Napalm DeathChristening of the Blind
153. 2003-02-04Napalm DeathFarce of Fiction
154. 2003-01-28Napalm DeathForced to Fear
155. 2003-01-14Napalm Deathto lower Yourself (Blind Servitude)
156. 2002-12-31Napalm DeathBlows to the Body
157. 2002-12-24Napalm DeathPer Capita
158. 2002-12-10Napalm DeathGreed Killing
159. 2002-12-01Napalm DeathContinuing the War on the Studity
160. 2002-11-26Napalm DeathPer Capita
161. 2002-11-12Napalm Deathout of site out of mind
162. 2002-11-05Napalm DeathLowest Common Denominator
163. 2002-10-29Napalm DeathOut of sight out of mind
164. 2002-10-22Napalm DeathNarcoleptic
165. 2002-09-10Napalm DEathInstinct of Survivial
166. 2002-01-15Napalm Deathbread to breathe
167. 2002-01-08Napalm DeathScum
168. 2001-10-23Napalm DEathFood Chains
169. 2001-10-02Napalm DeathNecessary Evil
170. 2001-09-11Napalm DeathSuffer the Children
171. 2001-09-11Napalm DeathSuffer the Children
172. 2001-06-05Napalm DeathNecessary Evil
173. 2001-05-22Napalm DEathDivine Death
174. 2001-05-15Napalm DeathVolume of Neglect
175. 2001-05-08Napalm DeathGreed Killing (live BBC)
176. 2001-05-01Napalm DEathBlunt Against the Cuttin Edge
177. 2001-04-17Napalm DeathVermin
178. 2001-02-06Napalm DeathBreed to Breathe
179. 2000-11-31Napalm Death
180. 2000-10-17Napalm DeathFood Chains
181. 2000-10-17Napalm DeathFood Chains
182. 2000-08-14Napalm DeathUn challenged Hate
183. 2000-07-31Napalm DeathPlague Rages
184. 2000-06-26Napalm DeathPlague Rages
185. 2000-01-24Napalm DeathPseudo Youth
186. 1999-11-22Napalm DeathNext of Kin to Chaos
187. 1999-09-20Napalm DeathThe Missing Link
188. 1999-09-06Napalm Deaththe Kill/scum
189. 1999-08-23Napalm DeathReflect on Conflict
190. 1999-07-05Napalm DEathClutching At Barbs
191. 1999-05-17Napalm Deathtrack
192. 1999-05-10Napalm DEathnext of Kin to chaos
193. 1999-04-27Napalm DeathCleanse Impure
194. 1999-04-20Napalm DeathClense Improve
195. 1999-04-13Napalm Deathtrio-Degradable/Affixed by Disconcern
196. 1999-04-06Napalm DeathRepression out of uniform
197. 1999-03-29Napalm DEathDevouring Depraved
198. 1999-03-22Napalm DeathNone the Wiser?
199. 1997-09-01Napalm DeathArmagedon X7
200. 1997-07-21Napalm DeathPurist Realist
201. 1997-07-14Napalm DEathBirth in Regress
202. 1997-07-07Napalm DeathReflect on Confilct
203. 1997-06-30Napalm DEathDown in the Zero
204. 1997-06-23Napalm DeathPrelude
205. 1997-06-16Napalm DeathIf Symptons Persist
206. 1997-06-09Napalm DeathDown in the Zero
207. 1997-04-28Napalm DeathHung
208. 1997-03-24Napalm DeathUpwards and Uninterested (Demo Version)
209. 1997-03-10Napalm DeathUpward and Uninterected
210. 1997-03-03Napalm DEathSuffer the Children
211. 1997-02-24Napalm DeathFood chains
212. 1997-02-17Napalm DEathUpwards and Uninterested (Demo Version)
213. 1997-01-27Napalm DeathFood Chains
214. 1997-01-20Napalm Death#4
215. 1996-12-23Napalm DEathDistorting the Medium
216. 1996-12-16Napalm DeathCause and Effect
217. 1996-12-02Napalm Deaththe World
218. 1996-11-25Napalm DeathAwake (to a like of Misery)
219. 1996-11-18Napalm DeathChristening of the Blind
220. 1996-11-11Napalm Deaththe Missing Link
221. 1996-11-04Napalm DeathPride Assassin
222. 1996-10-28Napalm DeathPlague rages
223. 1996-09-23Napalm DeathGreed Killing
224. 1996-09-09Napalm DeathGreed killing
225. 1996-09-02Napalm DeathHung
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