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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1175 playlist up with 50214 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-11-11Nuclear AssaultGood Times, Bad TimesGood Times, Bad Timesirs
2. 2019-09-16Nuclear AssaultWhen Freedom DiesHandle with CareCombat Records
3. 2019-05-27Nuclear AssaultEmergencyHandle with CareCombat Records
4. 2018-11-26Nuclear AssaultNew SongHandle with CareCombat Records
5. 2018-03-05Nuclear AssaultPreaching to the DeafOut of Ordercombat
6. 2017-04-24Nuclear AssaultMothers DayCritical Mass Singlein_effect
7. 2017-01-16Nuclear AssaultTorture TacticsHandle with CareCombat Records
8. 2016-09-05Nuclear AssaultCritical MassLive At The Hammersmith Odeon [88561-1100-2]screaming_ferret
9. 2015-04-27Nuclear AssaultGood Times, Bad TimesGood Times, Bad Timesirs
10. 2014-10-13Nuclear AssaultRadiation SicknessPerpetual Conversionhandshake_inc
11. 2014-05-12Nuclear AssaultRise from the AshesSurviveirs
12. 2014-04-21Nuclear AssaultRadiation SicknessGame Overcombat
13. 2013-10-28Nuclear AssaultBrainwashedAlive Againscreaming_ferret
14. 2013-02-11Nuclear AssaultHang the PopeAlive Againscreaming_ferret
15. 2011-08-08Nuclear AssaultWhen Freedom DiesHandle with Carein_effect
16. 2011-05-30Nuclear AssaultNew SongAlive Againscreaming_ferret
17. 2011-03-21Nuclear AssaultCritical MassAlive Againscreaming_ferret
18. 2011-01-03Nuclear AssaultNew SongHandle with Carein_effect
19. 2010-06-07Nuclear AssaultCritical MassAlive Againscreaming_ferret
20. 2010-02-15Nuclear AssaultStop Wait ThinkOut Of Ordercombat
21. 2009-10-19Nuclear AssaultCritical MassHandle with Carein_effect
22. 2008-10-13Nuclear AssaultInherited HellHandle with Carein_effect
23. 2008-09-08Nuclear AssaultCritical MassHandle with Carein_effect
24. 2007-08-13Nuclear AssaultCritical MassHandle with Carein_effect
25. 2006-11-20nuclear assaultsurgery
26. 2006-10-23nuclear assaultcritical mass
27. 2006-08-14nuclear assaultcritical mass
28. 2006-02-20nuclear assaultprice of freedom
29. 2006-01-09nuclear assaultcritical mass (live)
30. 2005-10-03nuclear assaultexoskeleton
31. 2005-09-26nuclear assaultcritical mass
32. 2005-08-22nuclear assaultliving hell
33. 2004-04-19nuclear assaultcritical mass
34. 2003-08-26Nuclear AssaultCritical Mass
35. 2003-08-19Nuclear AssaultBrainwashed
36. 2003-08-12Nuclear Assaultbrainwashed
37. 2003-08-05Nuclear AssaultGameover
38. 2003-02-18Nuclear AssaultWhen Freedom Dies
39. 2001-09-11Nuclear AssaultCritical Mass
40. 2001-09-11Nuclear AssaultCritical Mass
41. 2001-04-17Nuclear AssaultCritical Mass
42. 2000-04-10Nuclear AssaultSin
43. 2000-03-27Nuclear AssaultBrian DEath
44. 2000-02-21Nuclear AssaultHang the Pope
45. 1999-10-25Nuclear AssaultRise from the Ashes
46. 1999-05-04Nuclear AssaultCritical Mass
47. 1999-04-27Nuclear AssaultHang the Pope
48. 1997-09-01nuclear AssaultFashion Junkie
49. 1997-05-19Nuclear AssaultEqual Rights
50. 1997-05-12Nuclear AssaultRessuration
51. 1997-05-12Nuclear AssaultStand up
52. 1997-05-12Nuclear AssaultRadiation Sickness
53. 1997-05-12Nuclear AssaultGreat Depression
54. 1997-05-12Nuclear AssaultWired
55. 1997-05-12Nuclear AssaultNew Song
56. 1997-05-12Nuclear AssaultCritical Mass
57. 1997-05-12Nuclear AssaultBehind Glass Walls
58. 1997-05-05Nuclear AssaultFashion Junkie
59. 1997-04-28Nuclear AssaultCritical Mass
60. 1997-04-21Nuclear AssaultCritical Mass
61. 1997-03-24Nuclear Assaultf#
62. 1997-03-03Nuclear AssaultRise from the Ashes
63. 1996-11-04Nuclear AssaultNew Song
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