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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1131 playlist up with 48274 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-05-13Shadows FallStorm WindsThreads of LifeRoadrunner Records
2. 2019-04-01Shadows FallSuffer The SeasonLifeless Records - Compilation Sampler 2000Lifeless Records
3. 2017-09-25Shadows FallSuffer the SeasonSomber Eyes to the SkyLifeless
4. 2015-12-07Shadows FallDecemberFallout from the WarCentury Media
5. 2013-08-12Shadows Fallto AshesSomber Eyes To The Skylifeless
6. 2011-08-15Shadows Fallof One BloodSomber Eyes To The Skylifeless
7. 2009-10-26Shadows FallWarRetributionferret
8. 2009-09-21Shadows FallStill I RiseRetributionferret
9. 2008-11-24Shadows FallRoot Bound ApolloOf One Bloodcenturymedia
10. 2008-08-11Shadows FallRedemption (rehersal)Forevermore EPatlantic
11. 2007-08-20Shadows FallBurning the LivesThreads of Lifeatlantic
12. 2007-05-14Shadows FallFailure of the Devout
13. 2007-04-23Shadows Fallvenomous
14. 2007-04-09Shadows FallStorm Winds
15. 2007-04-02Shadows Fallvenomous
16. 2007-03-12Shadows FallRedemption
17. 2007-03-05Shadows Fallto Ashes
18. 2006-08-21Shadows Fallcrushing belial
19. 2006-06-26Shadows Fallin effigy
20. 2006-06-19Shadows Fallto ashes (original)
21. 2005-12-26Shadows Fallcrushing belial
22. 2005-12-19Shadows Fallto ashes
23. 2005-01-01Shadows Fallto ashes
24. 2004-11-01Shadows Fallthe light that blinds
25. 2004-10-18Shadows Fallinspiration on demand
26. 2004-10-11Shadows Fallstillness
27. 2004-09-27Shadows Fallghost of past failures
28. 2004-09-20Shadows Fallstillness
29. 2004-09-13Shadows Fallenlightened by the cold
30. 2004-09-06Shadows Fallthe power of i and i
31. 2004-08-16Shadows Fallthe power of I and I
32. 2004-06-07Shadows Falldeadworld
33. 2004-01-19Shadows Fallrevil in my loss
34. 2003-10-27Shadows Fallcrushing belial
35. 2003-07-08Shadows Fallthought with out words (livE)
36. 2003-02-25Shadows FallDeadworld
37. 2003-02-18Shadows FallCrushing Belial
38. 2002-12-24Shadows FallIdiot Box
39. 2002-12-17Shadows FallIdiot Box
40. 2002-11-12Shadows FallIdle hands
41. 2002-11-05Shadows FallA fire Burns in Babylon
42. 2002-10-29Shadows FallMystery of One Spirit
43. 2002-10-22Shadows FallThoughts without words
44. 2002-10-15Shadows Fallthe Art of Balance
45. 2002-10-08Shadows FallMystery of One Spirit
46. 2002-10-01Shadows FallThoughts without words
47. 2002-09-24Shadows FallIdle hands
48. 2002-09-17Shadows FallShoplifting in a Ghost Town
49. 2002-09-10Shadows FallDestroyer of Senses
50. 2002-09-03Shadows FallStepping outside the Circle
51. 2002-08-27Shadows FallThoughts without Words
52. 2002-08-20Shadows FallStepping outside the circle
53. 2002-08-13Shadows FallThoughs Without Words
54. 2002-05-28Shadows Fallto Ashes
55. 2002-02-05Shadows Fallto Ashes
56. 2002-01-01Shadows Fallto Asher
57. 2001-09-18Shadows FallCrushing Belial
58. 2001-09-04Shadows FallLifeless
59. 2001-09-04Shadows FallLifeless
60. 2001-06-05Shadows FallCrushing Belial
61. 2001-04-03Shadows Fallof One Blood
62. 2001-02-06Shadows Fallto Ashes
63. 2000-12-19Shadows FallLifeless
64. 2000-12-19Shadows FallLifeless
65. 2000-12-05Shadows Fallthe Ashes
66. 2000-08-07Shadows Fallof noble Blood
67. 2000-07-31Shadows Fallthe First Noble Truth
68. 2000-06-26Shadows Fallto Ashes
69. 2000-06-19Shadows Fallto Ashes
70. 2000-06-12Shadows Fallfeshold
71. 2000-06-05Shadows FallCrushing Belial
72. 2000-05-29Shadows FallRevel In My Loss
73. 2000-05-22Shadows FallFirst Noble Truth
74. 2000-05-15Shadows FallCrushing Belial
75. 2000-05-08Shadows Fallthe First Noble truth
76. 2000-05-01Shadows FallRevel in My Loss
77. 2000-04-24Shadows Fallthe First Noble Truth
78. 2000-04-17Shadows FallSerenity
79. 2000-04-03Shadows FallFleshold
80. 2000-03-27Shadows FallSerenity
81. 2000-03-20Shadows Fallto Ashes
82. 2000-03-13Shadows FallFleshold
83. 2000-03-06Shadows FallMontauk
84. 2000-02-28Shadows Fallof one blood
85. 2000-02-14Shadows FallVomiting the Fetal Embryo
86. 1999-11-08Shadows Fallto Ashes
87. 1999-09-27Shadows Fallto Ashes
88. 1997-03-03Shadows Falllifeless
89. 1997-02-03Shadows Fall#1
90. 1997-01-20Shadows FallLifeless
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