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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1122 playlist up with 47942 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2017-09-04MinistrySo waht (live)Land of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2017-09-04
3. 2017-09-04Gloomy GrimSeptember - Invoking the Flames (Burn, Burn, Burn)Under the Spell of the Unlightanticulture
4. 2017-09-04BehemothDark TriumphDemonicaMetal Blade
5. 2017-09-04December WolvesīNeath Our War HammerWolftread
6. 2017-09-04Bastard PriestGhouls Of The Endless NightGhouls Of The Endless NightBlood Harvest
7. 2017-09-04
8. 2017-09-04ExhorderSlaughter in the VaticanSlaughter in the VaticanRoadrunner Records
9. 2017-09-04Ascended04 - Drifting in a voidThe art of necromancy - Demo 2008
10. 2017-09-04ChampionFourth of JulyVarious Artists-Bridge 9 Sampler 2005Bridge Nine Records
11. 2017-09-04RingwormSeeing Through These EyesJustice Replaced by RevengeVictory Records
12. 2017-09-04IntegrityBurning Beneath the Devils CrossHowling, For The Nightmare Shall ConsumeRelapse Records
13. 2017-09-04CandiriaPrimary ObstacleBeyond Reasonable Doubttoo_damn_hype
14. 2017-09-04NailbombWasting AwayPoint Blankroadrunner
15. 2017-09-04
16. 2017-09-04Blood Has Been ShedRainmanSpiralsFerret Music
17. 2017-09-04A Life Once LostPiousA Great ArtistFerret Music
18. 2017-09-04Pig DestroyerBlack CentipedeBenumb/Pig DestroyerRobotic Empire
19. 2017-09-04CompostedDoggie Dos + Doggie Don'tsSexual TransmittionCephalic Records
20. 2017-09-04PATHOLOGY STENCHBloody SummerAccion Mutanterock_extremum
21. 2017-09-04
22. 2017-09-04BloodclotSoldiers of the New BabylonUp in ArmsMetal Blade Records
23. 2017-09-04ContraHeartThis MacHine Kills
24. 2017-09-04Ramming SpeedGorgon's EyeDoomed To Destroy, Destined To DieProsthetic Records
25. 2017-09-04MUMAKILCockroachesFlies WIll StarveRelapse Records
26. 2017-09-04Agressor08 Dark PowerNeverending Destiny
27. 2017-09-04
28. 2017-09-04ForbiddenThrough Eyes of GlassRaw Evil Live At The Dynamo (Ep)Century Media
29. 2017-09-04SadusThrough The Eyes Of GreedA Vision Of Miseryracecar
30. 2017-09-04HellwitchPorophoric SeizureSyzygial MiscreancyDispleased Records - via Metalhit
31. 2017-09-04Aborted FetusPrivate Judgement DayPrivate Judgement DayComatose Music
32. 2017-09-04
33. 2017-09-04SorrowEternally ForgottenForgotten Sunrise EP
34. 2017-09-04Cardinal WyrmThe Resonant DeadCast Away SoulsSvart Records
35. 2017-09-04Altar of BetelgeuzeA World Without EndDarkness Sustains the Silence
36. 2017-09-04URGEHAL11 Funeral Rites (Sepultura)Aeons in SodomSeason of Mist
37. 2017-09-04
38. 2017-09-04SepulturaStronger Than HateBeneath The RemainsRoadrunner
39. 2017-09-04NecrophobicUnholy PropheciesThe Nocturnal SilenceHammerheart America
40. 2017-09-04VaderBlood Of KinguDe Profundis
41. 2017-09-04MonstrosityAll Souls ConsumedIn Dark PurityOlympic
42. 2017-09-04
43. 2017-09-04Coffin Lust6. Damnations BringerManifestation of Inner DarknessHells Headbangers Records
44. 2017-09-04InfesterAfterbirth... The MealDarkness Unveiled demo'92
45. 2017-09-04In FlamesBiosphere (Rare Track)War DanceRelapse Records
46. 2017-09-04
47. 2017-09-04SummonUpon Wings of ChaosFallen, Disc 1Napalm Records
48. 2017-09-04Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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