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Frail Words Collapse - Metal Blade - 2003-07-01
- - 2008-01-16
Shadows Are Security - Metal Blade Records - 2005-06-14
shadows are security - metalblade - 2005
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Subject: As I Try To Have my Wife Killed gets show canceled
Posted by: by on Feb 6,2019 2:32pm

if only all their shows got cancelled.

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:Sep 27,2007 2:19am - post by Rex
Check me out on Fuzz!

Hey rockstar, I'd really like to see and hear your band on, and so would all your friends and fans. Get on it.

dont forget to add me once you've make yours!
my link is
:Mar 23,2006 8:34pm - post by
as i lay dying is the best fucking band ever. jordan mancino is my idol. that guy is so crazy. whenever i practice i try to keep up with hinm but its way to fuckin hard. youguys better not break up. keep goin and dont ever stop . your the best!!!!!
:Feb 4,2006 9:13am - post by AsILayDyingROCK
As I Lay Dying are so awesome!! The Through struggle video rocks, but man it is so damm hard to fins their videos, and wen i do go toany music sites, the frame rate is really,really bad, it gets struck on one frame most of the time, why internet speed is too slow, that really ticks me of!!!
:Sep 1,2005 11:06am - post by Madzia
uwilebiam ich sa wspaniali
:Aug 22,2005 12:05am - post by TriPP
They are really articulate with the guitar parts.... their is one part on "through struggle" the breakdown is one of the heaviest fuking riffs i ve ever heard . I wanna rip people's faces off when I hear it. luv that shit keep going guys.
:Jun 23,2005 6:37am - post by ega+is+on+fire's gretest band ever!!!!!just fuckin' your self dudes...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:Jun 18,2005 2:19pm - post by DEDroses89
fuck yeah its all about as i lay dying
:Jun 5,2005 11:46pm - post by screamodrummer
as i lay dying kicks fuckin balls......................that means there good

and if you have an idea for something else email it
Pictures 1057 pictures available -
April 18,2009 the Palladium - Mainstage (Worcester, MA)
August 12,2007 Parc Jean-drapeau - #13 stage (Montreal, QC)
July 14,2006 Tweeter Center (Mansfield, Ma)
March 07,2006 Tsongas Arena (Lowell, Ma)
July 15,2005 Tweeter Center - second stage (Mansfield, Ma)
April 22,2005 the Palladium - main stage (Worcester, Ma)
July 23,2004 Hellfest - Hopeless Stage (Elizabeth, NJ)
April 30,2004 the Palladium - first stage (Worcester, MA)
March 30,2004 the Living Room (Providence, RI)
February 17,2004 Axis (Boston, Ma)
October 24,2003 the Living Room (Providence, RI)
June 25,2002 Club Drifter's (Nashua, NH)
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