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   le Reporte - DreamingInExile

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Joined: Feb 11, 2005
Last Updated: Dec 4, 2007
Total Posts: 4185
Last Post: Sep 23, 2008
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What DreamingInExile does
Full time slacker, Photo Editor for a School Portraits Company, Freelance Web & Graphic Designer, Play guitar
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User Comments
Old:: post by SeedBassist at Mar 23,2006 12:56am
j00 are teh feagzorz

Old:: post by porphyria603 at Feb 17,2006 1:49pm
Subject: amp
i tried to reply to your message..but i don't think it worked.anyway's i ended up selling the xxx already.I was hurtin for cash....y0u know how it is.

Old:: post by deathchick at Jan 20,2006 10:49am
you should come try out for the project anyway (in Marlboro). I am the vocalist. See if you like it and maybe it'll be worth the time sacrifice.

Old:: post by porphyria603 at Jan 10,2006 11:13pm
Subject: xxx
I'm back from tour...well half a tour anyway,and i'm in need of cash.So if your still interested let me know,otherwise i'm gonna repost it.


Old:: post by RaPEdHeArtAnGeL at Dec 7,2005 2:43pm
Subject: hi
just browsing users,the band that your do you guys have any demos?

Old:: post by porphyria603 at Nov 29,2005 7:37am

I'm headed down to boston area tonight,i'm not sure if you got the $ yet,if you do,i could meet you somewhere along the way.If not i will just meet you in concord at a later date.


Old:: post by porphyria603 at Nov 23,2005 7:53am
Subject: xxx
I'd be down to meet you in concord.just let me know when you got the cash and we'll set up a time and place.

Old:: post by porphyria603 at Nov 22,2005 4:30pm
just let me know when you want to pick it up.maybe we could set it up for when i' headin south for a show or something,and meet you somewhere.

Old:: post by porphyria603 at Nov 21,2005 11:44pm
Subject: xxx
ok if noone buys it with cab,buy the time you get the $700 it's yours.But i'm telling you though i've played it through alot of different cabs and alot of em didn't sound anywhere close as good as it does through the xxx cab.
You might want to bring whatever you're gonna use and try it first.

I live in ashland NH,exit 24(93 n) right before plymouth state university.

Old:: post by DrinkHardThrashHard at Oct 25,2005 3:04am
Subject: T-shirts
We should have plenty left man, if you want one just bring $8.00 to the jamspace tonight.

Old:: post by powerkok at May 9,2005 3:56pm
Subject: stuff
Mark is the fuckin man.

Old:: post by Dysfunxion at Mar 30,2005 10:50am
Subject: Life of Agony
hey we're opening that life of agony show, if you are interested in helping us out, you can buy tickets from us instead of at the door.

Old:: post by MistyMalfoy at Mar 27,2005 2:19pm
Subject: Re: \m/
>:newhorns: MOST METAL SISTER EVAR!!! :newhorns:

Fuck yeah I am

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