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Joined: Dec 7, 2006
Last Updated: Sep 11, 2012
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NeverSayNever booze metal (5763)

eat shit
What FuckIsMySignature does
bands that are good:

Hard No. 9 - Blues Stoner Rock (MA)

Dumpster Fire - Metal or something
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User Comments
Old:: post by Matafuck_Uprise at Apr 9,2012 3:59pm
Subject: Hi new pal
dont make a hijack on my new posts. it makes you look so fuckin stupid you kid. in my country we will smash your ass into a dirt grind. bye you little baby kid. be a asshole to some otrher man. i hate soem of you elite american scums,.

Old:: post by BigRed at Nov 24,2010 5:14pm
Sounds good, i'll talk to the other guys and get back to you asap.

Old:: post by Kilgore at Nov 9,2009 2:45pm
are you guys down to play this saturday? let me know and i'll add you to the sweet flyer i made.


Old:: post by Yeti at Oct 27,2009 3:30pm
Subject: tonight
usual plan? or is practice later? i don't know how many minutes are left on my phone, just in case.


Old:: post by Yeti at Sep 30,2009 7:50am
Subject: tonight
i think we should stick with the plan of taking the Green Line from Riverside. making it to the 5:45 out of West Natick would be near impossible, you'd have to be here at exactly 5:30, and where we'd be leaving the car is a 10 minute walk to the station. no matter what we do we're going to be delayed, but Riverside seems like the best idea.


Old:: post by Alexecutioner at Aug 23,2009 11:49am
Subject: what up!
hey man, im guessin you still dont have ur phone back, you available monday or tuesday for practice?

Old:: post by dreadkill at Mar 21,2009 12:15pm
Subject: possible bands for club oasis show
hey tom,

sorry i'm getting this to you so much later than i said i would. check out these bands and see if you'd want any of them to replace pathogenic: rohirrim, the pathos of clymnaestra, avariel, misery divine (not sure if they'd be ready to play since they are working in a new drummer), eternal embrace. if i can think of more, i'll let you know. other bands i had thought of either don't have enough members now to play shows or are already playing shows that day.

Old:: post by TheDeathdealer at Nov 22,2008 6:38pm
Subject: hey douche
the accursedvokillist is dead. there is only me know haha.
by the way i might have a bass player for Fenrir.

Old:: post by FuckIsMySignature at Oct 26,2008 12:30pm
great thanks!

Old:: post by TheAccursedVokillist at Sep 17,2008 12:23pm
Subject: hey
whats up with the stoner rock band?

Old:: post by Yeti at Jun 17,2008 3:36pm
what up. if you're looking for something to do for the Finals tonight you are more than welcome to come to my house. my phone is broken but i'll be home all night after 7:30. so feel free. also i want to talk to you about a potential project this summer, just a studio thing with Erik and I. Ian has a studio, and it would have the lo-fi i am looking for. something along the lines of Drudkh, Burzum, Wolves in the Throne Room.


Old:: post by Yeti at May 1,2008 10:40am
yo. are you going to Metal Thursday this eve? Boliver and i are going if you're interested. also, i wanted to ask you about music. i don't know if you saw my idea for that Halloween covers night, but i think that idea kicks major ass. if you'd like to play guitar that would be cool. i'll talk to you more about it later on, keep it in mind.


Old:: post by BobNOMAAMRooney at Mar 28,2008 3:26pm
it's probably from one of the faggy holodeck episodes of TNG

Old:: post by deathchick at Aug 17,2007 2:26pm
try out for abnormality!

Old:: post by FuckIsMySignature at Jul 16,2007 8:46pm
Subject: Forest of Witchery
hey checked with Jeff and we are confirmed. thanks!

Old:: post by PryoryofSyn at May 29,2007 10:08pm
Subject: what band are you in?
sorry about my ignorance I dont spend a lot of time here.

Old:: post by TheAccursedVokillist at Apr 24,2007 2:04pm
Subject: no practice tonight
dana has 2 school finals to finish tonight so we wont be able to get together, next week is better

Old:: post by TheAccursedVokillist at Apr 16,2007 1:02pm
Subject: project
yeah man, all we have are clips of riffs and shit, if you have AIM it would make it a lot easier to send you any clips for some reason GMAIL is a cunt about sending even the smallest music file
my AIM is Scythesuicide

Old:: post by BlackMetalLady at Dec 21,2006 4:28pm
If Goatwhore were to read this they would laugh at you

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