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Joined: Aug 29, 2006
Last Updated: Aug 31, 2006
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Last Post: Sep 14, 2006
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I Take no prisoners!!!
What PROWORLD does
Sent here to destroy all posers!!!

User Comments
New:: post by Likety_Split at Sep 1,2006 11:05am
Subject: What\'s up with the pic.
Why do you have a pic of Matt from Blackout Frenzy on your page?

New:: post by paganmegan at Aug 29,2006 3:22pm
Subject: Re: Re: Re:
>>>And by the way i never sayed i liked hatebreed! I think they suck! Thats my oponion! Whats even funnier is the pic in your profile isnt even you! IS that pathetic that you have to mislead your fans to an attractive woman! Heres a tip! Fix the teeth and untuck the dick you have between your legs! And take some goddamn guitar lessons! You guys fucking suck!
> >
> > ahahahahahahahaha
> > My picture is in my profile, you click on view all and there I am. heehee. Suck the "dick" I have "tucked between" my legs
> > And work on your grammar (there is no such words as "sayd")
> > You further prove your lameness by not realizing aforementioned "attractive woman" is the Great Kat-worship me or die!
> Are u serious? I will not worship! I already died when i heard your terrible band! cmon are u serious?? keep playing your tuesday night shows at obriens because thats the farthest you'll ever get! and tell that troll of a singer you have to learn how to scream! Terrible! your drummer sucks, your bassisst sucks and and far most YOU SUCK!!!!! dont worry LARRISA(which your real name is Larry) Dont worry i wo nt tell anybody!

Helloo! my name is MEGAN PAGAN fucking MEGAN
get it right or pay the price
on your knees

New:: post by paganmegan at Aug 29,2006 11:00am
I am happy one with shitty taste in music (one who likes hatebreed) hates hekseri. That means we are doing something right. I hope the same fate befalls you as your beloved hero

New:: post by litacore at Aug 29,2006 10:19am
Subject: Re: YOU SUCK!!!!!!!
>You suck and your band sucks!! Tell your other guitarist larry to stop pretending she's a girl!!!

wrong larry, that's this one, guy

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