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   le Reporte - arilliusbm

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Profile Views: 149556
Joined: Dec 8, 2005
Last Updated: Mar 17, 2012
Total Posts: 26023
Last Post: Apr 15, 2024
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arilliusbm's Bands
Personal Links
Herugrim New England Heathen/Black Metal (4737)
Rigel experimental project started in 2009 (3732)
Infernecron Black metal side project started in 04 (4040)
Khand Ambient/keyboard project formed in 98 (4049)
Bahamut's Curse black/thrash/? dead project (3783)
Abaroth black metal band formed in 2002 (4563)
8 Bit of Death 8bits/chiptune death and black metal joke project (3788)

the links above are some past and current projects.

What arilliusbm does
isolation and melodic composition.

also write music for independent video games / movies

let me know if interested..

arilliusbm's Current Playlist (pop out)
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User Comments
Old:: post by Radikult_Dirt_Biker at Jul 11,2014 9:20am
Subject: Hey!
My mom's dropping me off at the Razer at 4pm. Wanna come jump dirt bikes with me?

Old:: post by real_shutup_fagget at May 9,2014 1:31pm
Subject: shutup fagget
shutup fagget

Old:: post by TimRiley at Dec 10,2013 2:12pm
Subject: DUDE
THIS is the real tim haha

Old:: post by HraesvelgrNHBM at Aug 5,2012 10:14pm
Subject: this band was better before Vaettir members joined
Thanks, Jim. We should be ready to play out by the end of October. Music will be a bit different than Vaettir. More stripped down, I guess you could say. Would be most superior to share the stage with Herugrim!

Old:: post by the_reverend at Jan 30,2011 6:47pm
Subject: old news

Old:: post by posbleak at Oct 25,2010 2:39pm
Subject: Oddly familiar
IDK where we'd have met, but say hello if you ever see Sean and I out!

Old:: post by ProgMetalDrumr at Jul 30,2010 11:04pm
Subject: my music?
if you want to hear some of my music, i can only send you the actual music, you will have to play on a piano or read it off of tab and music notation. i dont have any recordings of it. the only recordings i have of me playing are back home in texas.

Old:: post by JackGrants at Feb 3,2010 9:05pm
Subject: Trade
Hey man,
Long time no speak, I've just been on the forum after some time and I saw you were interested in trading. Have a look at my list here ( and tell me if you're interested in something.

Old:: post by Eli_hhcb at Sep 22,2009 3:01pm
Subject: Ebow $60

Old:: post by ddrummer at Jul 5,2009 5:41pm
Subject: hey man
hey man whats up?
just wanted to talk, havent talked t you since all the shit went down.

Old:: post by Martins at Jun 18,2009 7:47pm
Subject: I\'ve got the CS-3.
Lemme know if you still want the compression pedal.

Old:: post by Yeti at Jun 12,2009 3:38pm
hey man, if you feel like coming up to Worcester feel free, like i said i get home at 7:30ish, depending on the punctuality of the train. my cell 508-713-2188


Old:: post by ddrummer at Nov 4,2008 11:45pm
Subject: hey
i think we are jamming tomorrow afternoon, can you make it over? If so ill bring the iBook so you can check it out

Old:: post by Martins at May 16,2008 11:22pm
Subject: CS-3 Pedal
Are you still interested in that CS-3 Compression pedal I had for sale?

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