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returntothepit >> discuss >> Local band Appreciation - Disengaged by the_reverend on Oct 31,2003 10:01am
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   le Reporte - Disengaged [officially approved] [views 176019]


General Info
Start Date:unknown
Current Project
Localband Appreciation

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Jaime (Drums)
moran (guitars, vocals)
Beakey (Vocals)
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Jun 28, 2004 10

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Discography -
The Ocean - Not Common Records - 2003-07-24
Self Titled CDR Demo - Not Common Records - 2000
- - 2008-08-12
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Pictures 486 pictures available -
July 02,2006 Middle East (Cambridge, Ma)
April 02,2005 Dee Dee's Lounge (Quincy, Ma)
June 28,2004 Live in the WUNH Studios (Durham, NH)
November 09,2003 Middle East (Cambridge, Ma)
September 23,2003 Geno's (Portland, Me)
September 21,2003 the Met Cafe (Providence, RI)
August 10,2003 Sputnix (Salem, Ma)
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Oct 31,2003 10:01am

starting in 2000, disengaged mixed punk and metal into a fun fussion with catchy lyrics.
When did you hear about them? Definitely not back then.

their lead guitarist shreds (and head-bangs his hat off at the beginning of each song). he can cut through metal riffages that call down satriani from the heavens. Funniest is them splitting into a cover of the 90210 theme song.

I guess they had some shitty demo back them that was most-likely recorded on a boom-box in their practice space.

anyhow, fast forward 2 years where no one knows what they were doing to 2003.
In Spring 2003, they released an actual cd, the ocean, on NotCommon Records.
the CD is way more complex then just punk+metal. there are samples, interludes and other parts that add a weird depth to the cd that you can't quite put a handle on. I think it all boils down to the anti-sanity of the location that the band members live in. Even a bunch of the hate-filled lyrics are done totally tongue-in-cheek, saying "fuck you" but still smiling all the while. Also, you can hear every lyric cleanly so that you can tell when someone decides to play-it-up for the locals and changed a lyric to include the ton they are in.

of course the first time I got to see them, their singer was dying in the hospital or some lame excuse like that so 3 people had to cover the vocal duties to fill the shoes of one Beakey.

toggletoggle post by baneofexistence at Oct 31,2003 10:27am
one of the craziest most nutty bands i have seen in a long time good guys great songs
in the words of the ozz

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Oct 31,2003 10:53am
major props to these guys

and now a band aaron didn't introduce me too...rather...joe did!

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Oct 31,2003 10:56am
and who interduced you to joe?

toggletoggle post by University of Joe McNamara at Oct 31,2003 11:00am
yeah the first 3 years of Disengaged is a mostly unknown tale of shows in the middle of nowhere with Ravage and/or Brando.

Correct me if I am wrong Beakey, but I think Disengaged has played more shows in 2003 then they did in 2000, 01 and 02 combined.

If anyone wants their original demo, too bad.

toggletoggle post by Beakey   at Nov 1,2003 9:02am
Thank you, Aaron!

toggletoggle post by phantos   at Nov 1,2003 1:34pm
very good shit.

toggletoggle post by DeOdiumMortis  at Nov 1,2003 6:15pm
I appreciate Disengaged.

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Jun 3,2004 2:36pm
beakey rules....

toggletoggle post by Joe/NotCommon   at Jun 3,2004 2:38pm
Whatever happened to the appreciation threads Aaron?

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jun 3,2004 3:15pm
I've not had time lately.
plus, I wrote about 3 of them and lost them on my iPaq.
I was going to re-write one this morning, but forgot.
plus, the next band you probably won't be happy about

toggletoggle post by Joe/NotCommon   at Jun 3,2004 3:22pm
it doesn't matter whether I'd be happy or not.

toggletoggle post by deadhooker  at Jun 3,2004 4:07pm
I appreciate disengaged very much, the first and only sticker on my truck

toggletoggle post by Sinistas   at Jun 3,2004 6:18pm

toggletoggle post by moran   at Jun 3,2004 6:20pm
deadhooker said:
I appreciate disengaged very much, the first and only sticker on my truck

nice, thats what I like to hear.

toggletoggle post by SmallBrownRatFuck   at Jun 3,2004 7:36pm

toggletoggle post by Joe/NotCommon   at Jan 31,2005 11:02am
more appreciation threads!

toggletoggle post by Timma at Jan 31,2005 12:03pm that you on the right in the pic with 3 singers?

toggletoggle post by vengefulandgodless  at Jan 31,2005 1:02pm
When I listen to disengaged I get a tingly feeling in my pants

toggletoggle post by Joe/NotCommon   at Jan 31,2005 3:56pm
yeah thats me

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