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returntothepit >> discuss >> Local band Appreciation - Outbreak by the_reverend on Mar 11,2004 11:21am
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   le Reporte - Outbreak [officially approved] [views 74559]


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Localband Appreciation

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You Make Us Sick - Bridge 9 Records - 2005
Failure - Bridge 9 Records - 2006
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May 22,2010 Club Lido (Revere, MA)
October 28,2009 ICC Church (Allston, MA)
November 21,2008 Club Hell (Providence, RI)
November 20,2008 Dover Brick House (Dover, NH)
January 12,2008 the Palladium (Worcester, MA)
October 14,2007 Club Hell (Providence, RI)
July 07,2007 Knights of Columbus (Pepperell, MA)
May 12,2007 Cambridge Elk's (Cambridge, MA)
June 02,2005 the Bombshelter (Manchester, NH)
October 11,2003 ICC Church (Allston, Ma)
March 28,2003 Exit 23 (Haverhill, Ma)
January 02,2003 VFW (Kinston, NH)
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Mar 11,2004 11:21am
from metal (last time) to Posi-hardcore.
this thrilling edition of "appreciation" is aimed at Mainehxcx's own Outbreak.

along the same lines as many of the NH bands (break it up, the limit), they are just a fun and energetic band to see live.

they started in back 2001 and had a couple releases the following year. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see them until the beginning of 2003. by that point, they had gotten pretty use to being on stage. they had an explosive and disjointed energy that they channeled back into themselves. usually leaving ryan (singer) on the ground shouting at some point almost looking like he's breaking down.

though in the latter part of 2003, engery was channeled from almost constant shows. they learned to direct that engery back to the crowd. and showed how the band has grown.

so, come 2003 and they were signed to bridge 9 records (boston). this put them in the excellent position to play ICC shows.
their music went over perfectly there. the crowds reaction was awesome.

and now that's it's 2004, they are set to release their first CD on B9 (spring 04) entitled "you make us sick".
you can check out mp3s, videos, and pictures here:

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Mar 11,2004 3:35pm
back to the top.

toggletoggle post by BornSoVile   at Mar 11,2004 5:01pm
Good pick. Never heard of these dudes til now, wish I knew about them a few years ago! Cool media page.

toggletoggle post by DaveSTF   at Mar 11,2004 7:01pm
Fucking awesome band

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