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returntothepit >> discuss >> Mesa Boogie 4x12 Rectifier Slant Cab w/ 4 Celestion G12 Vintage 30 speakers by negativetime on Apr 8,2011 12:43pm
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toggletoggle post by negativetime  at Apr 8,2011 12:43pm
<p>Mesa Boogie 4x12 Rectifier Slant Cab</p> <p>With 4 Celestion G12 Vintage 8 ohms speakers. Sounds amazing, some scuffs and a few small rips in the grill. Perfect working order!</p>
<p> for $600 obo, cash only, local pickup in Somerville, MA near Tufts</p>

toggletoggle post by AndrewBastard  at Apr 8,2011 1:54pm
a thing of beauty. I wish i could trade one of my reg boogie cabs for this one with the V30s...

toggletoggle post by BlessedOffalNLI at Apr 8,2011 1:57pm
I can give you 400 if noone else offers.

toggletoggle post by negativetime  at Apr 8,2011 2:56pm
BlessedOffalNLI.... haha, do you know who this is??? Its Josh L! And no way, its totally worth $500 at least! You know you want it! I need to fund a synth purchase!!!!! Ill throw in something, if you take it for $500

toggletoggle post by negativetime  at Apr 13,2011 1:43pm
I would consider $450, as I need to get this out of my house soon Give me a call, shoot me an email if you don't have my number, assuming this is Ross or Slarticus :p

toggletoggle post by negativetime  at Apr 25,2011 4:47pm
Heya Its down to the wire... I need dental work done on Thursday. I will take $400, transaction needs to be done by this wednesday night, 4/27 pickup in Somerville. Thanks email me: negativetime (at) or call me!

toggletoggle post by AMOROK666 at Apr 25,2011 6:28pm
I want this. But I won't have 400 by Wednesday :'(

toggletoggle post by PleasureCorpse at Apr 25,2011 11:13pm
Cool kitchen shot of me, bro

toggletoggle post by goatcatalyst   at Apr 25,2011 11:41pm
Dang. That's a steal.

toggletoggle post by eyehatehippos at Apr 26,2011 6:20am
I'll do $400 for that, email sent...

toggletoggle post by blue  at Apr 26,2011 7:35am
This is a great deal. I just managed to pick up an almost minty oversized recto 4x12 for 400.

toggletoggle post by eyehatehippies  at Apr 26,2011 7:43am
Yeah, it's a nice cab. This was my backline in Finland Sunday night when we played with Pentagram, I loved the cabinet.

toggletoggle post by eyehatehippies  at Apr 26,2011 9:53am
Negativetime, I purchased it on your eBay option, I have someone who is going to drive out there and pick it up. Drop me a line at and we can discuss the details.

toggletoggle post by James3 at Jun 22,2019 5:01am
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toggletoggle post by anonymous at Aug 6,2019 8:19am
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