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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1125 playlist up with 48052 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-09-16EyehategodTake as Needed for PainTake as Needed for PainCentury Media Records
2. 2019-07-08EyehategodKill Your BossTake as Needed for PainCentury Media Records
3. 2019-06-10HatebreedBefore DishonorSatisfaction Is the Death of DesireVictory Records
4. 2019-06-03HATE MANIFESTO (gre)3) PERPETUAL GLORIFICATION OF THE ETERNAL SYMBOLSHerald of TriumphHelter Skelter Productions
5. 2019-05-06EyeHateGodChildren Of God1992 - In The Name Of Suffering
6. 2019-05-06Hate TheorySo You ThinkHate Theory
7. 2019-04-08Vein of HateFlawed Capital (Re-mastered)St. Atrocity [EP]
8. 2019-01-21HATE ETERNALWhat Lies Beyond 2496 HDUpon Desolate SandsSeason of Mist
9. 2018-12-31God's HateFather InferiorMass Murder
10. 2018-12-31Hate TheoryDays in HereHate Theory
11. 2018-12-03God's HateAdmission Of GuiltDivine Injustice
12. 2018-10-08HatebreedLife Is PainFor the LionsE1 Entertainment
13. 2018-09-17EyehategodRobitussin and RejectionEyehategod
14. 2018-09-10EyehategodQuitter's OffensiveEyehategod
15. 2018-09-03EyehategodNobody Told MeEyehategod
16. 2018-05-21EyehategodQuitter's OffensiveEyehategod
17. 2018-05-14GodhatePenance for the WickedEqual in the Eyes of DeathMetal Age Productions
18. 2018-03-12Hateplow$20.00 Blow JobEverybody Dies
19. 2018-02-12God's HateExterminationMass Murder
20. 2018-01-08God's HateExterminationMass Murder
21. 2018-01-01God's HateDivine InjusticeDivine Injustice
22. 2017-12-04HATEInto Burning GehennaTremendumNapalm Records
23. 2017-11-13EyehategodWorthless RescueEyehategod
24. 2017-09-25EyehategodFramed to the WallEyehategod
25. 2017-08-21EyehategodQuitter's OffensiveEyehategod
26. 2017-07-10HatebreedPrepare for WarSatisfaction Is the Death of DesireVictory Records
27. 2017-06-26EyehategodBlankTake as Needed for PainCentury Media Records
28. 2017-06-05EyehategodQuitter's OffensiveEyehategod
29. 2017-06-05Hate EternalDarkness By OathConquering The Throne
30. 2017-05-29Conceived By HateAs the Fire Blessed my PainPestilence RebornXtreem Music
31. 2017-05-15Love\HateMiss AmericaWasted in America
32. 2017-05-08HATESvarog's MountainTremendumNapalm Records
33. 2017-05-01Love\HateI'm Not HappyI'm Not HappyMayhem
34. 2017-04-03Hate EternalBorn By FireKing Of All Kingsearache
35. 2017-02-27EyehategodQuitter's OffensiveEyehategod
36. 2016-10-10EyehategodQuitter's OffensiveEyehategod
37. 2016-08-29EyehategodServing Time in the Middle of NowhereSouthern DiscomfortCentury Media Records
38. 2016-08-22EyehategodSelf Medication BluesConfederacy of Ruined LivesCentury Media Records
39. 2016-08-22HateShame Of The CreatorCain's Wayworld_war_iii
40. 2016-06-20EyehategodThe Concussion Machine ProcessConfederacy of Ruined LivesCentury Media Records
41. 2016-06-06HatebreedFrom Grace We've FallenThe Concrete ConfessionalNuclear Blast Records
42. 2016-05-30EyehategodCrimes Against SkinTake as Needed for PainCentury Media Records
43. 2016-05-16EyehategodLack of Almost EverythingDopesickCentury Media
44. 2016-03-21EyehategodPeace Thru War (Thru Peace and War)DopesickCentury Media
45. 2016-02-22HateSecatarian MurderCain's Way
46. 2016-02-15EyeHateGodRun It Into The GroundIn The Name Of Suffering
47. 2015-11-23Hate EternalZealot, Crusader Of WarInfernusseason_of_mist
48. 2015-11-09HatePost Mordum (Slayer)
49. 2015-10-12EyeHateGodRuptured Heart TheoryDopesickcenturymedia
50. 2015-08-31Hate EternalChaos TheoryInfernusseason_of_mist
51. 2015-08-24Hate EternalLa TempestadInfernusseason_of_mist
52. 2015-08-10EyeHateGodSelf Medication BluesConfederacy Of Ruined LivesPessimer
53. 2015-07-20HateEuphoria Of The New BreedAnaclasis - A Haunting Gospel Of Malice And Hatred
54. 2015-07-20EyeHateGodDogs Holy LifeDopesickcenturymedia
55. 2015-05-25EyeHateGodServing time in the Middle of NowhereSouthern Discomfortcenturymedia
56. 2015-05-25HatebreedGhosts of War (slayer)For the Lionse1_music
57. 2015-05-18EyeHateGodNobody Told MeEyeHateGod
58. 2015-04-06HatedPost Mordum (Slayer)Various Artists - Gateway To Hell, vol 2dwell
59. 2015-03-16EyeHateGodQuitter's OffensiveEyeHateGodcenturymedia
60. 2015-03-09EyeHateGodMedicine NooseEyeHateGod
61. 2015-02-16Hate TheoryWishself-titledworld_war_iii
62. 2015-02-02EyeHateGodParish Motel SicknessEyeHateGod
63. 2015-01-26EyeHateGodRobotussin And RejectionEyeHateGodcenturymedia
64. 2014-12-22HatebreedGhosts of War (slayer)For the Lionse1_music
65. 2014-12-08Unchallenged HateMass MurdererReality Shows vol 2
66. 2014-09-15DisasterhateShining Black MirrorMirroring The Abyssmy_kingdom
67. 2014-07-14GodhateAntichristianityEqual In he Eyes Of Deathmetal_age
68. 2014-07-07EyeHateGodKill Your BossTake as Needed for Paincenturymedia
69. 2014-05-26EyeHateGodPeace thru War (thru Peace and War)Southern Discomfortcenturymedia
70. 2014-03-10Hate TheoryA Couple Hundredself-titledworld_war_iii
71. 2014-02-24EyeHateGodDepressSouthern Discomfortcenturymedia
72. 2014-02-03HateWatchful Eye OF DoomSolarfleshnapalm
73. 2014-01-27EyeHateGodCorupption SchemeConfederacy Of Ruined Livescenturymedia
74. 2013-10-28EyeHateGodJack Ass In The Will Of GodConfederacy Of Ruined Livescenturymedia
75. 2013-10-07Black HateAlone And ColdChildren Of Failure
76. 2013-08-05EyeHateGodJack Ass In The Will Of GodConfederacy Of Ruined Livescenturymedia
77. 2013-06-17Conceived By HateLost In The Gardens Of HatePetilence Rebornxtreem
78. 2013-02-18HateTimeless KingdomSolarfleshnapalm
79. 2013-01-28HateTimeless KingdomSolarfleshnapalm
80. 2013-01-21HateEternal MightSolarfleshnapalm
81. 2012-12-31HavochateYears Of AbhorenceThis Violent Earth
82. 2012-12-10EyeHateGodRuptured Heart TheorySouthern Discomfortcenturymedia
83. 2012-12-03HatebreedProvenPerseverancevictory
84. 2012-11-26HatebreedRefuse/Resist (Sepultura)For the Lionse1_music
85. 2012-07-30Hate EternalKing of All KingsKing of All Kingsearache
86. 2012-07-23Ministry Of HateRise To The BottomAll Your Godz Are DeadMalicman
87. 2012-07-16Ministry Of HateBaggedAll Your Godz Are DeadMalicman
88. 2012-01-30HateskorThe CursePaint My Fearnoiseheadrecords
89. 2011-10-24HatebreedMark My WordsSatisfation is the Death of Desirevictory
90. 2011-08-22HatebreedBetrayed By LifeSatisfation is the Death of Desirevictory
91. 2011-08-15EyeHateGodKill Your BossTake as Needed for Paincenturymedia
92. 2011-05-02Hate PlowStalkerEverybody Diespavement
93. 2011-03-21Hate TheoryWishself-titledworld_war_iii
94. 2011-03-14HateThrough Hate To EternityCain's Wayworld_war_iii
95. 2010-10-11GodhatePenance Of The WickedEqual In he Eyes Of Deathmetal_age
96. 2010-09-06GodhateIn Praise Of SinEqual In he Eyes Of Deathmetal_age
97. 2010-08-16GodhatePenance Of The WickedEqual In he Eyes Of Deathmetal_age
98. 2010-06-28HatebreedBetrayed By LifeSatisfation is the Death of Desirevictory
99. 2010-06-21Hate PlowEveryone DiesEverybody Diespavement
100. 2010-06-14EyeHateGodTake as Needed for PainTake as Needed for Paincenturymedia
101. 2010-05-03HatebreedBetrayed By LifeSatisfation is the Death of Desirevictory
102. 2010-01-11Hate EternalPath To The Eternal GodsI, Monarchearache
103. 2010-01-11Hate TheoryWishself-titledworld_war_iii
104. 2009-08-24EyeHateGodSouther DiscomfortSouthern Discomfortcenturymedia
105. 2009-08-10Hate EternalKing of All KingsKing of All Kingswicked_world
106. 2009-07-13HatebreedEscape (Metallica)For the Lionse1_music
107. 2009-07-06HatebreedGhosts of War (slayer)For the Lionse1_music
108. 2009-06-29HatebreedRefuse/Resist (Sepultura)For the Lionse1_music
109. 2009-06-22Hate Divisionthe Externalizing Machine2009 Promo Epself-released
110. 2009-06-22HatebreedI'm In Pain (obituary)For the Lionse1_music
111. 2009-06-15HatebreedLife is Pain (Merauder)For the Lionse1_music
112. 2009-06-15Hate DivisionPropagating Lies for the Negligent Mind2009 Promo Epself-released
113. 2009-06-01Hate DivisionUnfound Hate2009 Promo Epself-released
114. 2009-05-25Hate DivisionPropagating Lies for the Negligent Mind
115. 2009-05-04Hatebreedbefore dishonorSatisfation is the Death of Desirevictory
116. 2009-04-20HateSphereTo the NinesTo the Ninesnapalm
117. 2009-04-06HatebreedBefore DishonorSatisfation is the Death of Desirevictory
118. 2009-03-30HatebreedNot one TruthSatisfation is the Death of Desirevictory
119. 2009-03-23HateSphereTo the NinesTo the Ninesnapalm
120. 2009-03-16HateSphereBackstabberTo the Ninesnapalm
121. 2009-02-16EyeHateGodTake as Needed for PainTake as Needed for Paincenturymedia
122. 2009-02-02EyeHateGodkill your bossTake as Needed for Paincenturymedia
123. 2009-01-12Hate Plow$20.00 Blow JobsEverybody Diespavement
124. 2008-08-04Summoning HateBurn the Churches
125. 2008-07-14Hate SquadKilling SpreeDeguello Wartuneslocomotive
126. 2008-05-12HateApocalypseCain's Wayworld_war_iii
127. 2008-04-14HateSectarian MurderCain's Wayworld_war_iii
128. 2007-10-22HateSpherethe SlainSerpent Smiles and Killer Eyesspv
129. 2007-10-15HateSphereDrinking with the King of the DeadSerpent Smiles and Killer Eyesspv
130. 2007-09-17HateSphereForever WarSerpent Smiles and Killer Eyesspv
131. 2007-09-10HateSphereDamned below JudaSerpent Smiles and Killer Eyesspv
132. 2007-09-03HateSphereLies and DecietSerpent Smiles and Killer Eyesspv
133. 2007-08-27HateSphereDamned below JudaSerpent Smiles and Killer Eyesspv
134. 2007-08-20Hate EternalNailed to ObscurityConquering the Thronewicked_world
135. 2007-08-06HatebreedPuritanSatisfation is the Death of Desirevictory
136. 2007-04-16Hate EternalSaturated in Dejection
137. 2007-02-19eyehategodkill your boss
138. 2006-12-11Hate Plowprison bitch
139. 2006-11-27eyehategod$30 bag
140. 2006-10-09eyehategodshoplift
141. 2006-09-04hate theorywish
142. 2006-08-28hatespherebleed to death
143. 2006-08-14hatespherebleed to death
144. 2006-08-07hatebreeddefeatist
145. 2006-08-07hatespherethe coming of chaos
146. 2006-07-31hatespherereaper of life
147. 2006-05-29speed kill hatenot for me
148. 2006-05-15speed kill hateslay the enemy
149. 2006-05-08speed kill hateface the pain
150. 2006-02-27eyehategodshop lift
151. 2006-02-13hate eternali, monarch
152. 2005-12-12hate theorywish
153. 2005-08-29hate eternaltwo demons
154. 2005-08-08hate eternalfaceless one
155. 2005-07-25hate eternalfaceless one
156. 2005-07-04hate eternaltwo demons
157. 2005-06-27hate eternalI, monarch
158. 2005-06-20Hate Ploweveryone dies
159. 2005-06-20hate eternalfaceless one
160. 2005-06-13hate eternalit is our will
161. 2005-05-30hate eternalthe plague of humanity
162. 2005-05-23hate eternalpath to the eternal gods
163. 2005-05-16hate eternalthe victorious reign
164. 2004-11-22hatebreedbefore dishonor
165. 2004-11-225 minutes hatec2766
166. 2004-11-08hate theorywish
167. 2004-11-015 minutes hatescapegoat's agony
168. 2004-10-115 minutes hatec2766
169. 2004-10-045 minutes hateblood simple
170. 2004-09-27hate eternalKing of All Kings
171. 2004-09-205 minutes hateate
172. 2004-08-23hate eternalKing of All Kings
173. 2004-08-02hate eternalKing of All Kings
174. 2004-08-025 minutes hate#2
175. 2004-07-19hate eternalservants of the gods
176. 2004-07-055 minutes hate#2
177. 2004-06-285 minutes hate#2
178. 2004-06-28hate eternalbeyond redemption
179. 2004-06-21hate eternalKing of All Kings
180. 2004-06-14hate eternaldogma condemned
181. 2004-06-14eyehategodthe concussion machine process
182. 2004-05-17hate eternalthe obscure terror
183. 2004-02-02hateSectarian Murder
184. 2004-02-02hateeternalcatacombs
185. 2003-11-03hatebreedbefore dishonor
186. 2003-10-05eyehategodkill your boss
187. 2003-09-29hate theorywish
188. 2003-09-22hatebreedthis is now
189. 2003-09-02Hate SpherePlague
190. 2003-08-26hatespheredisbeliever
191. 2003-08-19Hate Sphere#4
192. 2003-08-19Hate EternalKing of All Kings
193. 2003-05-20HateSphereDisbeliever
194. 2003-04-15Hate EternalBorn in Fire
195. 2003-04-08Hate EternalDogma Condemned
196. 2003-04-01Hate PlowEveryone Dies
197. 2003-03-11Hate EternalNailed to Obscurity
198. 2003-02-11Hate EternalBorn by Fire
199. 2003-02-04HatebreedDriven by Suffering
200. 2003-01-14HatePost Mordum (Slayer)
201. 2003-01-07Hate EternalKing of All Kings
202. 2002-12-10Hate Eternalthe Obscure Terror
203. 2002-12-10Hate...and the Sin Becomes
204. 2002-11-26Hate Eternalthe Obscure Terror
205. 2002-11-26Hate TheorySo you Think
206. 2002-11-12Hate EternalKing of All Kings
207. 2002-11-05Hate EternalKing of All Kings
208. 2002-10-29Hate EternalBeyond Redemption
209. 2002-10-22Hate EternalThe Obscure Terror
210. 2002-10-22Hate TheoryWish
211. 2002-10-08Hate EternalServants of the Gods
212. 2002-10-01HateApocalypse
213. 2002-09-17Hatefrom cain to cadmon
214. 2002-09-10HateApocalypse
215. 2002-09-03HateHoly Dead Trinity
216. 2002-08-27HateShame the creator
217. 2002-08-20Hate TheoryWish
218. 2002-08-20HateFuture is Mayhem
219. 2002-08-13HateApocalypse
220. 2002-08-13Hate TheoryDays in here
221. 2002-08-06Hate TheoryWhore
222. 2002-08-06HateSectarian Murder
223. 2002-07-30Hate TheoryVent
224. 2002-07-23Hate TheoryFrom Sabs to Scars
225. 2002-07-17Hate Theoryso you think
226. 2002-07-17Hate EternalNailed to Obscurity
227. 2002-07-09Hate TheoryWish
228. 2002-07-02Hate TheoryWish
229. 2002-06-25Hate Theorywhore
230. 2002-06-18Hate TheoryRage Implant
231. 2002-06-11Hate TheoryAll This Flesh
232. 2002-06-04Hate TheoryAll this Flesh
233. 2002-05-28Hate EternalDethroned
234. 2002-04-16HatebreedA Call for Blood
235. 2002-03-19World of HateRising
236. 2002-02-26Hate EternalDogma Condemned
237. 2002-01-15HateHoly Dead Trinity
238. 2001-10-30Hateholy dead trinity
239. 2001-10-30Hateholy dead trinity
240. 2001-10-02Hate PlowSunshine of my Love
241. 2001-08-07Hate EternalDogma Condemned
242. 2001-08-07Hate EternalDogma Condemned
243. 2001-07-24HateNo Life After Death
244. 2001-07-24HateNo Life After Death
245. 2001-06-19Hatebreedbefore dishonor
246. 2001-05-29Hate PlowSunshine of your Love
247. 2001-05-15HateSatan's Horde
248. 2001-05-08HateShare your Blood with Demons
249. 2001-05-01HateGod Overslept
250. 2001-04-10Hate EternalBy His Own Decree
251. 2001-04-03hatebreedLast Breath
252. 2000-12-12HatebreedPuritan
253. 2000-12-12HatebreedPuritan
254. 2000-12-05Hate Plowoutcast
255. 2000-11-31EyeHateGodPeace thru WAr (thru Peace and War)
256. 2000-11-31Hate Plow$20.00 Blow Jobs
257. 2000-11-07Hate PlowSunshine of My Love
258. 2000-11-07Hate PlowSunshine of My Love
259. 2000-10-24Hate PlowDeathrow (no regrets)
260. 2000-10-24Hate PlowDeathrow (no regrets)
261. 2000-10-03Hate PlowTraitor
262. 2000-09-25Hate EternalBy his own Decree
263. 2000-09-25EyeHateGodInferioir and Full of Anxiety
264. 2000-09-18EyeHateGodSelf Medication Blues
265. 2000-09-18Hate PlowAddicted to Porn
266. 2000-09-12Hate PlowResurgence of Hate
267. 2000-08-21Hate PlowEverybody Dies
268. 2000-07-24Hate EternalDarkness by Oath
269. 2000-07-10Hate PlowCrackdown
270. 2000-06-26Project HateNine Spectrums of Impurity
271. 2000-06-12Project HateOcenas Seemingly Endless Bleeding
272. 2000-05-08Hate Plow$20.00 Blow Jobs
273. 2000-04-03Hate EternalBy His own Decree
274. 2000-03-13Hate Eternalthe Creed of Chaotic Divinity
275. 2000-03-06Hate EternalBy His Own Decree
276. 2000-02-28Hate EternalDethroned
277. 2000-02-28EyeHateGodDepress
278. 2000-02-21Hate EternalDethroned
279. 2000-02-21EyeHateGodServing time in the Middle of Nowhere
280. 2000-02-14HatebreedBefore Dishonor
281. 2000-02-14Hate EternalDogma Condemned
282. 2000-02-07Hate EternalDarkness By Oath
283. 2000-02-07EyeHateGodServing time in the Middle of Nowhere
284. 2000-01-24EyeHateGodRuptured Heart Theory
285. 2000-01-17HatebreedMark My Words
286. 2000-01-10Hate EternalSOD
287. 1999-11-08HatebreedBefore Dishonor
288. 1999-10-11WarhateConquest
289. 1999-09-27Hate plowPrison Bitch
290. 1999-09-13HatebreedNot one Truth
291. 1999-08-30HatebreedBefore dishonor
292. 1999-08-21HatebreedPrepare for war
293. 1999-08-21HatebreedPrepare for war
294. 1999-04-06Hate Dept.You spin me right round
295. 1999-03-22Hate PlowSunshine of your Love
296. 1999-03-22Hate Dept.Won't stay Lit
297. 1999-03-22HatebreedBefore Dishonor
298. 1997-11-10Hate Departmentthe Dead Peddler
299. 1997-01-06Hate Dept.Acid Drops
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