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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1175 playlist up with 50214 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-06-22KATAKLYSMwhirlwind of withered blossomsThe Temple of Knowledge [Bonus Tracks]Nuclear Blast Records
2. 2019-02-25KataklysmMaelstrom 2010The Temple of Knowledge
3. 2018-12-03KataklysmSuicide RiverHeaven's VenomNuclear Blast
4. 2018-06-18KataklysmMystical Plane of EvilThe Death Gate Cycle of Reincarnation
5. 2017-08-07KataklysmTaking the World by StormPrevailNuclear Blast
6. 2017-01-09KataklysmHate SpiritOf Ghosts And Gods
7. 2016-01-04KataklysmElder GodSorcery
8. 2015-08-03KataklysmMarching Through GraveyardsOf Ghosts And Godsnuclearblast
9. 2015-06-01KataklysmChronicales of the DamnedShadows & Dustnuclearblast
10. 2014-08-25KataklysmWhen Time Stands StillEpic: The Poetry Of War
11. 2014-01-06KataklysmUnder Lawless SkiesWaiting For The End To Comenuclearblast
12. 2012-10-08KataklysmManipulator of SoulsEpic: The Poetry Of Warnuclearblast
13. 2012-08-06KataklysmSerenity In FireSerenity In Firenuclearblast
14. 2012-04-09KataklysmIn Shadows & DustShadows & Dustnuclearblast
15. 2011-03-14KataklysmStormlandThe Prophecynuclearblast
16. 2008-10-06KataklysmTear Down the KingdomPrevailnuclearblast
17. 2008-06-30KataklysmTear Down the KingdomPrevailnuclearblast
18. 2008-06-23KataklysmAs Death LingersPrevailnuclearblast
19. 2008-06-16KataklysmTaking the World By StormPrevailnuclearblast
20. 2008-06-09KataklysmPrevailPrevailnuclearblast
21. 2008-06-02KataklysmBreathe to DominatePrevailcenturymedia
22. 2008-05-26KataklysmBreede to BreathePrevailnuclearblast
23. 2008-05-19KataklysmAs Death LingersPrevailnuclearblast
24. 2008-05-12Kataklysmto the Throne of SorrowPrevailcenturymedia
25. 2006-03-06kataklysmopen scars
26. 2006-02-27kataklysmlet them burn
27. 2006-02-20kataklysmcrippled and broken
28. 2006-02-13kataklysmtemptation's nest
29. 2006-02-06kataklysmit turns to rust
30. 2006-01-23kataklysmdamnation is here
31. 2006-01-16kataklysmbreeding the everlasting
32. 2005-03-07kataklysmmachiavellian
33. 2005-01-10kataklysmin shadows and dust
34. 2004-06-14kataklysmmachiavellian
35. 2004-04-19kataklysmblood on the swans
36. 2004-04-05kataklysmserenity in fire
37. 2004-03-29kataklysmserenity in fire
38. 2004-03-22kataklysmfor all our sins
39. 2004-03-15kataklysmblood on the swans
40. 2004-03-08kataklysmheadless and raped
41. 2004-03-01kataklysmas i slither
42. 2004-02-23kataklysmfor all my sins
43. 2003-10-13kataklysmin shadows & dust
44. 2003-08-19KataklysmIn shadows and Dust
45. 2003-05-27KataklysmManipulator of Souls
46. 2003-05-20KataklysmIn Shadows & Dust
47. 2002-11-26KataklysmBound in Chains
48. 2002-11-05KataklysmIlluminati
49. 2002-10-22KataklysmCenturies (Beneath the Dark Waters)
50. 2002-10-15KataklysmBeyond Salvation
51. 2002-10-01KataklysmChronicales of the Damned
52. 2002-06-02KataklysmRays of Ra
53. 2002-04-02KataklysmAstrial Empire
54. 2001-10-09KataklysmEra of the Mercyless
55. 2001-10-02KataklysmWhat we Wndure
56. 2001-09-25KataklysmIl Diavolo in me
57. 2001-09-18KataKlysmManipulator of Souls
58. 2001-09-11KataklysmDamnation is Here
59. 2001-09-11KataklysmDamnation is Here
60. 2001-02-27KataklysmMachiavellian
61. 2001-01-16KataklysmBreeding the Everlasting
62. 2000-12-25KataklysmGateway to Extinction
63. 2000-07-24KataklysmGateway to Extinction
64. 2000-07-17KataklysmLanments of Fear and Despair
65. 2000-07-17KataklysmLanments of Fear and Despair
66. 2000-06-12Kataklysmthe Renaisance
67. 2000-06-05KataklysmAstral Empire
68. 2000-05-29KataklysmLamants of Fear & Despair
69. 2000-05-22KataklysmMachiavellian
70. 2000-05-15KataklysmAstral Empure
71. 2000-05-08KataklysmBreading the Everlasting
72. 1997-04-21KataklysmEternal, I reach Infinity
73. 1996-12-23KataklysmEternal I Reach Infinity
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