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returntothepit >> discuss >> Northeast Dungeon Siege MMXIX day 3 by the_reverend on Apr 1,2019 1:46am
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Apr 1,2019 1:46am
pictures are uploading.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Apr 1,2019 1:46am

toggletoggle post by DMYouAlot at Apr 1,2019 8:15am
Khand sent me to Alpha Centauri and all I got was this lousy Power Cosmic

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Apr 2,2019 5:20pm

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Apr 2,2019 5:21pm

toggletoggle post by Garbage at Apr 2,2019 5:33pm

toggletoggle post by synth wave finally hit metal scene circa 2010 at Apr 3,2019 1:39pm
I kinda agree.

Hipsterish, about 4 years late on the darkwave synth wave niche.

Willing to debate anyone saying he actually played an instrument during that. Lots of "big djs" just bring an already mixed down track and then just go through the motions of overhyping the crowd.


toggletoggle post by arilliusbm  at Apr 3,2019 2:26pm
Hi. Thanks for checking it out.
I have been doing this long before darkwave synthwave made with VSTs was a thing.
And yes, I did play an instrument. I had 4 different synths set up running through an Electro Harmonix Cathedral pedal and into a mixer. And yes, I also had a backing track. Anyone who knows Khand knows that there's typically multiple tracks on songs. It's impossible to play it live as one person. Mortiis did the same thing except he uses Midi.
Thanks for checking it out.

toggletoggle post by CHECKING THE FUCK OUTA SEE YU at Apr 5,2019 5:03pm
Oh ok, well you look on the ground alot and rock back and forth constantly not really touching anything. Just an observation, I hope you don't have this particular comment running through your head through your head through your head the next time you play live live live.

Nice set though guy above just jealous of your mask

toggletoggle post by arilliusbm  at Apr 5,2019 10:48pm edited Apr 5,2019 10:56pm
My Yamaha PSR 540 was behind the mixer, and you can't see it in the video. I was constantly moving around because it's better than some dude sitting there with a laptop, which happens. I was doing a lot of stuff. You obviously weren't paying enough attention if you can't hear the brown notes I was hitting.
But whatever, I don't have to explain myself. This was all put together in two months time. Obviously I'll get better if I play more shows, lol.

toggletoggle post by Dropped a brown note in my pants at Apr 11,2019 9:52am
Your set was magnificent, my pants shit on and recktified, crap everywhere.

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